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Dollception - Kanamai - 01-16-2015

[Image: 15669325744_9ecdc66ab7_z.jpg]

I was at ToysRUs last week and saw an adorable Lalaloopsy doll that is Kyouka sized so of course I had to get it for her.

RE: Dollception - PullipPrincess - 01-16-2015

Aww, that's so cute! It's so perfect that both of them are wearing kimonos!

RE: Dollception - Brill - 01-16-2015

Adorable! What kind of dal is she?

RE: Dollception - beajjai033 - 01-17-2015

Gosh they're both so cute.

RE: Dollception - Kanamai - 01-17-2015

(01-16-2015, 11:58 PM)Brill Wrote: Adorable! What kind of dal is she?

Kyouka is a modded Sooni. She has custom eyechips, a modded eyemech, and a Pure Neemo Flection body. And has also been rewigged.

RE: Dollception - Nekoshoujo - 01-20-2015

Oh I love that Lalaloopsy. She's so cute. And of course Kyouka is too. They make a beautiful pair.

RE: Dollception - Little mouse - 01-20-2015

Oh that is just so cute! ((yay))

RE: Dollception - martah - 01-26-2015

I love how they match, what a cute find. smile

RE: Dollception - Ilili - 01-27-2015

She's so cute , her kimono suits her perfectly and I love the Lalaloopsy !