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RE: Redhead - oonyaoo - 01-31-2015

(01-30-2015, 01:54 AM)Little mouse Wrote: That wig is just perfect.....and so are your photos! Wow! ((yay))

Thank you!!

RE: Redhead - Rebeccapettigrew - 01-31-2015

i love Kanta Dal, too.

So... my computer died... and I am antsy to edit the stuff I took today. They look good in the LCD...

and here, after she got Roman Holiday's wig, and obitsued.

RE: Redhead - TrueFan - 01-31-2015

Well, as long as we are spamming Kanta - she is cute even as Kanta!
Kanta's sword

And here is LeBeau:
LeBeau 2

RE: Redhead - Rebeccapettigrew - 01-31-2015

I don't hate Dal Kanta's eyechips, until I try to photograph her. Direct flash makes them go very red.

RE: Redhead - TrueFan - 01-31-2015

A whole bunch of Dals came out with orange eyechips around the same time. I'm not a fan of orange eyechips.

RE: Redhead - oonyaoo - 01-31-2015

Aww both your Kantas are so adorable! <333333

RE: Redhead - TrueFan - 02-01-2015


RE: Redhead - Rebeccapettigrew - 02-02-2015

Thanks. smile

Here's one I took with my big camera. Finally got a new computer so I could get them up.

RE: Redhead - TrueFan - 02-02-2015

Her dress is beautiful!