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We're not dead. - Bloodstained - 01-22-2015

Sooo yeah, hi there. The horde isn't dead yet. XD

[Image: x1c6cy.jpg]

[Image: 2r4ivlx.jpg]

[Image: 14n1xc3.jpg]

[Image: 21br908.jpg]

[Image: aylr2d.jpg]

And a little Lenore x Drossel:
[Image: 1zfpl5s.jpg]

And yes, I know my photo quality sucks.

RE: We're not dead. - KiraKira - 01-22-2015

Glad to hear that you are all alive and kicking! It's great seeing the Horde around again.

RE: We're not dead. - Nekoshoujo - 01-22-2015

Well that's good to hear! Love the way the horde is dressed in these photos. Everyone is so stylish.

RE: We're not dead. - oonyaoo - 01-22-2015

They all look so awesome, I love how you've styled them all!

RE: We're not dead. - beajjai033 - 01-25-2015

I missed Lenore - she's the prettiest Neo Noir for me smile

RE: We're not dead. - martah - 01-26-2015

They all look great! Lenore is beautiful, gorgeous dress. smile

RE: We're not dead. - Cornflower Blue - 01-27-2015

Looks like the crew is doing well.