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Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Severity - 01-28-2015

So my Princess dress for my Tiger Lily Byul is finally done!

[Image: 33d8b34.jpg]
This is the infamous dress in all its glory. It's made out of dupioni silk with a slight iridescence --the warp is black and the weave is periwinkle - so the result is a kind of steel blue that shimmers a little bit. It is also notoriously hard to photograph, so in the barrage of photos to follow the dress will look different shades of blue. Alas, it's not that magic. Just, photography is hard.

[Image: 2612iae.jpg]

Also, one of her arms is broken and at an awkward angle. Shh. Pretend not to notice that.
The result is not -nearly- impressive enough for the just-over-thirteen-hours I estate it took me to make it, adding up the time, but oh well. smile the color is way more saturated in this picture than real life.

The design is inspired by and highly-modified from Requiem's "Princess Pack" pattern. No darts in the bodice, a longer skirt, overskirt piece a bit smaller and split in half, I think that's all the changes I ended up making. I didn't make any changes to the sleeves, probably because sleeves are mysterious and confusing.

[Image: htyceb.jpg]

The iridescence is really fuzzy on this one. ._. I'd like the side poofs to be poofier next time; I was experimenting on turning the side parts into pockets and filling them with tulle on an earlier gown I made, so I might try that in the future. My next dress I'm planning on making the overskirt the same length as the overskirt and experiment with polonaise-ing it. (Is that even a word? Oh well.)

[Image: 8x4h7r.jpg]

This is a close up of the lace hem at the bottom (ahh my sewing looks so messy this close!), along with her stockings and her little vintage Barbie pilgrim shoes. I'd normally be worried by using black for an against-doll piece of an outfit, but the fabric came from a tshirt I'd worn for about three years so I think it'll be okay. smile

[Image: zvzpy0.jpg]
More lace! A close up of one of the side-poofs...

[Image: 29q1mab.jpg]
And this is the underside/offside of the lace. The lace I had was too big so I had to fold it in half, which actually really helped in trying to secure it while trying (...and failing) to keep my stitches on the front as invisible as possible.

so that's my first attempt at a dress of this type; I'm hoping after I sew another one or two I might get the design "right" and make one to donate to the raffle at PUDDLE grin

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - TrueFan - 01-28-2015

It looks GORGEOUS!

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - fishy - 01-28-2015

Wonderful! smile

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Brill - 01-28-2015

So beautiful!smile

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Chyntia - 01-29-2015

very pretty!! grin

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - smokeWeeb - 01-29-2015

the lace is beautiful! it looks so nice on your byul

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Alliecat - 01-29-2015

I think it's pretty impressive. It's easy to see "flaws" in one's own work, whatever sort of creative endeavour it is, but often the things you notice, others don't. I could imagine these selling on Etsy.

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Spidergirl484 - 01-29-2015

I love it! So pretty. The lacy edging looks really good, I'll have to give that a try with my next doll dress.

Gad to see another Requiem pattern fan on the board. I love her patterns and have been super excited with the chart she released recently to help with re-sizing for DAL/Byul bodies. I recently put together a look using her steampunk engineer pack for my new Byul and thanks to the chart it turned out perfectly. smile

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - PullipPrincess - 01-29-2015

Lols! I actually kind of like how it looks like it's changing colors in each picture. smile It kind of reminds me of the fairies changing Princess Aurora's dress from pink to blue in Sleeping Beauty. x3 But I really do think the way you made the dress is really pretty and it turned out so well! Great job! yay

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Little mouse - 01-30-2015

Oh well done!!! ((yay))

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - martah - 01-31-2015

I think the lace is precious and the colours work together beautifully. Gorgeous dress. smile

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Nekoshoujo - 02-01-2015

Gosh the details are great, that overskirt makes her look so curvy and cute. Nice job!

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Missy_Crane - 02-02-2015

It's lovely, Sev Heart 2

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - ichigo3lemon - 02-02-2015

Very pretty!

RE: Nerissa's Princess dress :) - Severity - 02-02-2015

Thank you everyone!
I'm starting to work on one for Nerdygal123's Dal; I'm working in a teal/navy iridescent this time.
PullipPrincess, I actually have one that is pink & blue!
[Image: 25r37mc.jpg]

Like I said, really hard to photograph, but you can see where it's starting to go pink at the left. grin