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The Kids Arrived! - Odisaki - 02-01-2015

I got my first Dals from Venia here on the forum so decided to post their photos here too. I made two felting dolls not long ago so they got some plushies too as gifts lol

New Family Members

New Family Members

New Family Members

Need a name

Play Time

Play Time

RE: The Kids Arrived! - Marsian - 02-01-2015

Your Dall looks adorable and I love your Byul! Congratulations with the new family members! Great job on the plushies, they look amazing.

RE: The Kids Arrived! - Alliecat - 02-01-2015

Congrats on your new dolls smile I like the third shot of them getting acquainted. Your felt plushies are really cute. I've seen videos of people doing it... what a lot of work!

RE: The Kids Arrived! - Nekoshoujo - 02-01-2015

Congratulations on your new dolls! I like the photo of them lined up with the BJDs because they look so short next to them!

RE: The Kids Arrived! - Odisaki - 02-01-2015

Thank you everyone! I couldn't resist the photo with the BJDs, I took one of them lying side by side too and they are kind half a BJDs lol is pretty cute. I will take more photos of them together.

Thanks, the plushies are a bit of work but I want to make some more, I like plushies so I decided they like too.

RE: The Kids Arrived! - Missy_Crane - 02-01-2015

Lol, awww! The shot of your Byul with the Panda plush is too precious.