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Snow day! - Brill - 02-10-2015

It's been snowing like crazy in Boston so I decided to use this time to take a few quick pictures! A few more are on my flickr!

[Image: 15863717934_52a4b2b4f6_c.jpg]Snow day! by baobaodoll, on Flickr

RE: Snow day! - PullipPrincess - 02-10-2015

All of the pictures are so cute! I really love them! yay Also, I'm now following you on flickr. smile

RE: Snow day! - Alliecat - 02-10-2015

Hey Boston, quit sending all that snow up to Canada Rawr!
She's very cute. Her little coat is perfect on her!

RE: Snow day! - oonyaoo - 02-10-2015

Ah so cute! She looks like she's having so much fun!

RE: Snow day! - Chyntia - 02-10-2015

Super cute!! I love her coat and shoes!! yay They fit her so well!

RE: Snow day! - resincrew - 02-12-2015

I like snow pictures! ^^ And this coat is very pretty! Happy

RE: Snow day! - ichigo3lemon - 02-12-2015

She is so adorable!

RE: Snow day! - Missy_Crane - 02-13-2015

Aww! Yeolume snow angel!!! ^____^