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Meet Vale! - Severity - 02-15-2015

Vale is my newest doll in the family: an Isul Milk Tea that I bought myself for Valentines Day. grin Vale is a very young elf whose tiny clan is at war with a large nation of dark elves. Running away from the fighting, Vale stumbled through one of the veils between the fae world and the human world: ending up in a quiet spot in the park between two trees, a place that Bianca liked to sit and read.

Although about the same age as Bianca, Vale is a very young elf: too young to have a name or even a gender. Bianca bestowed the name Vale; they're still working on pronouns. (Apparently in elvish there is a set of pronouns exactly for the young elves before their coming of age, but the human language is far less creative with pronouns.)

Anyway! Here are pictures.

[Image: 28uqo3.jpg]
Ridiculously photogenic smile

[Image: 1zx0dg4.jpg]
And adorable.

[Image: 18g394.jpg]
We found this adorable pink fawn plushie...

[Image: 25fq5oy.jpg]
And Vale was a bit sad that it wasn't coming home with us, but then decided a plush panda would be better, or maybe a kitty.

[Image: 2my4082.jpg]
Yes, Vale, I know that cup is just your size, but you can't have that either! It has MY name on it, not yours! smile

[Image: 2a82gza.jpg]
Suspicious at first of this indoor forest...

[Image: 15sa6vd.jpg]
Vale eventually decided it was fun smile

RE: Meet Vale! - PullipPrincess - 02-15-2015

He's gorgeous, Severity! I've always had a soft spot for Isul Milk Tea! He's so beautiful!

RE: Meet Vale! - Severity - 02-15-2015

Thank you, Princess! I do want to get him a new wig. As my mom said when I deboxed him: "did someone cut his hair with their feet?"

RE: Meet Vale! - martah - 02-15-2015

(02-15-2015, 11:14 AM)Severity Wrote: As my mom said when I deboxed him: "did someone cut his hair with their feet?"


He is adorable, especially with that little fawn! His outfit is so pretty.

RE: Meet Vale! - Cornflower Blue - 02-15-2015

Aw, he's pretty cute! I had dismissed him except for his outfit. Now you make me want a Milk Tea of my own.

RE: Meet Vale! - Severity - 02-15-2015

His faceup is wonderful. I even like his eyechips: they're both blue and brown, like I think there's a brown backing on blue chips maybe? Anyway he's really lovely but his wig is not. I really want to get him a Tibetan mohair wig, all soft and fluffy grin

RE: Meet Vale! - PullipPrincess - 02-16-2015

(02-15-2015, 11:14 AM)Severity Wrote: Thank you, Princess! I do want to get him a new wig. As my mom said when I deboxed him: "did someone cut his hair with their feet?"

Lols! Yeah, I can kind of see what she means, it's a little more choppy and uneven than his stock photos show, but that face of his sure makes up for it! He'll be even cuter once you get him that new wig though!

RE: Meet Vale! - Missy_Crane - 02-16-2015

Oh wow Sev, he's gorgeous! I had no idea that Milk Tea was that gorgeous!! O__O

I'm glad that Vale got a plushie to take home Heart so cute!

(bahaha, your mum's comment about the hair being cut by someone's feet reminds me of my Milk Latte's hair. It's a pity because the wig itself is such a nice, shiny, soft quality. But God, the style Dead I guess Milk Tea suffered the same fate xD)

RE: Meet Vale! - Alliecat - 02-16-2015

Congrats on your little Valentine addition smile His outfit looks so elaborate. I like the first photo of him peeking through the trees best. Sounds like you have the makings for some interesting picfics with his story.

RE: Meet Vale! - hyssop - 02-16-2015

He's so cute! I love your photos! And your mom has a point- so shaggy! Excited to see the new wig.

RE: Meet Vale! - Little mouse - 02-16-2015

Oh he is lovely and your photos of him are gorgeous................I so enjoyed the story too!

RE: Meet Vale! - Miss Edith - 02-16-2015

he is gorgeous Severity. I have always longed for his stock but hadn't taken enough notice of his face. Your new boys are some of the best looking Isul grin Romantic King is also right at the top of my list (I love yours with the black hair and glasses smile ) Your Dals & Byul are spoilt for choice aren't they? LOL

RE: Meet Vale! - Jinxedorchid - 02-17-2015

He's really cute!

RE: Meet Vale! - Chyntia - 02-17-2015

He is gorgeous! Heart I agree on the hairstyle... looking forward to see him with a new wig!! yay

RE: Meet Vale! - Sei - 02-18-2015

he is so cute! I love his hair <3