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the Forgotten - myufish - 02-22-2015

I have a couple of Taeyang face plates that was sent to me to be customized last year. And somehow I lost contact with the owner. Been emailing, pm-ing and i even asked help from the mods for help but i couldn't get hold of the owner for months now. I felt sad for them so I opened the already packaged faceplates after more than half a year and put one in a spare taeyang body i have at hand. ( I still need to find a mio kit for the other one ) They'll be staying with me till i get hold of the owner .
Here's the first boy (i'll post more pics of them soon)
[Image: 2_zpszddrmypb.jpg]
I'll post pics of the other boy once i get him completed o-o

RE: the Forgotten - Cornflower Blue - 02-22-2015

Aw, he looks wonderful! I can't believe the owner would abandon him.

RE: the Forgotten - Kyubi09 - 02-22-2015

Wow! He is really nice looking. I hope you find the owner soon. Maybe they are just out of the loop for the moment, and will get in touch with you soon.

RE: the Forgotten - TrueFan - 02-22-2015

He is looking good!

RE: the Forgotten - KiraKira - 02-22-2015

What a handsome boy! I hope that his owner gets in touch...and most importantly, I hope he/she is OK!

RE: the Forgotten - myufish - 02-22-2015

(02-22-2015, 11:44 AM)KiraKira Wrote: What a handsome boy! I hope that his owner gets in touch...and most importantly, I hope he/she is OK!

I do hope so too !
but they'll be here if she ever goes active in dm again

RE: the Forgotten - Little mouse - 02-23-2015

I hope the owner is well too...........this is a handsome lad to lose contact with!

RE: the Forgotten - Ilili - 02-23-2015

Oh I'm falling in love * _ *

RE: the Forgotten - Chyntia - 02-23-2015

He is gorgeous!! Heart I hope she get's in touch with you soon!! yay

RE: the Forgotten - beajjai033 - 02-25-2015

Gosh - he is so handsome!~Heart

RE: the Forgotten - Missy_Crane - 03-01-2015

Aw, what a cute face! I hope his owner comes back for him someday.

RE: the Forgotten - martah - 03-03-2015

So handsome! I also hope that the owner is okay and will come back for this beautiful boy. At least now he gets some love and attention. smile