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Simply Peppermint! - Tinnu - 04-19-2015

After careful eBay stalking, Simply Peppermint has arrived here chez Tinnu smile

[Image: 17083337825_363ee6fb3d.jpg]
Simply Peppermint
by TinyTinnu, on Flickr

Coincidence of coincidences, she arrived on my birthday a couple of weeks ago!

[Image: 17171212892_3ebbfd3ac5.jpg]
Simply Peppermint
by TinyTinnu, on Flickr

Her name might be Fia, or Lydia, or something else entirely, still waiting for her to tell me wink

(I'd also love to find someone to commission to spray matte her face, oh the shine!)

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Yaisha - 04-19-2015

Congrats, she is adorable! I have Simply Peppermint as well and she looks SO pretty spray matted. It makes her cheeks look even pinker! Too bad you don't live near me, I would just spray her for you. XD
You could always buy the Mr.SuperClear spray from JunkySpot if you want to try it yourself. If you need to go cheaper you could sand matte her instead. The only problem with that is you need to sand around the make up so you can't quite get all the shine and it's hard to get the shine out of the nostrils, lol. On the other hand it looks more natural than the spray which can look a little fuzzy but I like it.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Tinnu - 04-20-2015

Thank you! Yay, more Simply Peppermint love smile

Haha, I never thought about how hard it would be to get the shine out of the nostrils with sand matting. My other Blythe was sprayed before I bought her, I like the way it looks too.

I'm a bit worried about messing her up myself, and about having the MSC around with kiddos. I'd happily pay shipping both ways (I think I should be able to open her up and send just the faceplate) and a small fee to have it done for me. Yaisha, or anyone, feel free to send a PM if you'd be interested smile

Following you on Flickr, too!

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Cornflower Blue - 04-20-2015

Congrats, she's a cutie. If you're coming to PUDDLE again this year, you might be able to have someone do it there if you make arrangements in advance.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Tinnu - 04-21-2015

Thanks, CB! I haven't used MSC before myself, do you think the humidity at PUDDLE would be a problem? I thought I read not to use it in high humidity somewhere?

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Cornflower Blue - 04-22-2015

I guess it would depend on how humid it is that weekend.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - ladywindsor - 04-24-2015

Congrats on your new girl SP.

Ask Vertefae (member here) if she can take on a quick spray matt commission.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Tinnu - 04-29-2015

Okay, one more smile

[Image: 16627726084_579ef85029.jpg]
Dressed for spring
by TinyTinnu, on Flickr

Thanks, ladywindsor, I will!

RE: Simply Peppermint! - CarolinTempest - 05-01-2015

ui she is nice, like her green eyes smile

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Buzzingbumblebee - 05-05-2015

She is very cute, congrats ^-^.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Tinnu - 05-07-2015

Thank you both! She is off for a bit of a spa, looking forward to getting her back without the shine wink

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Tinnu - 05-13-2015

Tada, Peppermint is back home!

[Image: 17393538150_6984be27f0.jpg]
Peppermint - sans shine!
by TinyTinnu, on Flickr

Her matte face is going to take a little getting used to, surprisingly. vertefae did a super job spraying her for me, thanks soo much ladywindsor for suggesting I ask her! She added sleep eyes too smile I really like how, without the spring, I can roll her eyes by hand, so I can gaze correct her sometimes but leave her eyes uncorrected other times.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Alliecat - 05-13-2015

Much better! Looks very natural. I bet you are happy to have her back.

RE: Simply Peppermint! - Cornflower Blue - 05-13-2015

She looks great!

RE: Simply Peppermint! - vertefae - 05-13-2015

She went back together perfectly! Thanks for letting me spray her for you