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My Dolly Pictures - Jencut - 04-20-2015

I'm just starting out with the dolly photography so these are far from the standard of others on here but I just love my dollies so much I had to start posting pics! smile

Brand New Purezza
My beautiful Isabella chilling out with some flowers.

Brand New Purezza
Argh so annoying that stray hair! Practice will make perfect smile

Flowers for My Lady
'Flowers for My Lady'

RE: My Dolly Pictures - PullipPrincess - 04-20-2015

Very cute! <3 Isabella's outfit is to die for! All your girls are so beautiful and elegant!

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Alliecat - 04-20-2015

Yay pictures smile I was going to say the same thing; they're all so elegant.
Oh, I hate the stray-hair thing! Given that I'm shooting on a teeny postage-stamp of a digicam (my real camera uses film) I often don't see this on the screen till I download. Need to remember to check their faces carefully before shooting.
Your last photo makes me wonder what is the story behind it... looks like something has been going on...

RE: My Dolly Pictures - AliceMR - 04-20-2015

Gah, Isabella is so pretty! And what are you talking about, your pictures look awesome! I love all of the flowers and lace-y dresses, they go nicely together grin

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Chyntia - 04-21-2015

They a gorgeous little ladies!! yay a great group of friends grin

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Marsian - 04-21-2015

I like your tiffin tea club ladies, they look so elegant and sophisticated.

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Kyubi09 - 04-21-2015

^Agreed! Beautiful girls. I wouldn't worry too much about stray hairs. They happen, and if you have any basic photo editing skills it's not unreasonable to simply erase them.

RE: My Dolly Pictures [updated 20/4/15] - Jencut - 04-21-2015

Thank you everyone for such lovely comments Heart The girls are delighted that they are coming across as the elegant and sophisticated ladies that they are (although I suspect there's a bit of mischief in them too)!

(04-20-2015, 01:11 PM)Alliecat Wrote: Your last photo makes me wonder what is the story behind it... looks like something has been going on...

I know right? It was a total accident but there's something almost sad about it. It made me think of a medieval queen going to marry a man she doesn't love (?!) - clearly I read too many romance novels. And the clothes aren't medieval... oh well, something like that anyway! LOL

Villette got another outfit today and I couldn't wait to take some pictures smile I won't keep her in this but I think she looks pretty for now!


RE: My Dolly Pictures - KiraKira - 04-21-2015

Dolls in beautiful dresses accompanied by beautiful blooms make for lovely photos! (I hear you on the stray hair thing.)

RE: My Dolly Pictures - thisday - 04-21-2015

Your girls look so proper and beautiful! I still love your Antoinette and Isabella fits right in. By the way, did you make Villette's new dress?

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Kyubi09 - 04-21-2015

Wow! Villette looks gorgeous in yellow!

RE: My Dolly Pictures - PullipPrincess - 04-21-2015

I have to agree, Vilette looks so stunning in that dress! She looks so nice when dressed in something with more color. :3 That's Dal Charlotte's dress and hat, isn't it? It looks like it fits so well on her!

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Jencut - 04-21-2015

Yes, it is Dal Charlotte's stock! smile

(04-21-2015, 12:40 PM)thisday Wrote: By the way, did you make Villette's new dress?

I wish! smile

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Jencut - 04-28-2015

So I feel like I'm totally going on about this but Brand New Purezza is SUCH a beautiful doll smile I think she's just fab and she's dirt cheap everywhere you look - I don't know why, maybe because of her stock outfit being a bit 90s or her mad 'radioactive tangerine' hair. I've just ordered a dark brown LUTS wig for her but in the meantime here is some more BNP appreciation...

Brand New Purezza
Brand New Purezza

RE: My Dolly Pictures - Joichi - 04-28-2015

Wow! I've never seen BNP in photos or recognize her until now, imo I LOVE her stunning tangerine-orange hair. The only other ginger-hair is Yona's

I'm so happy to see you using Henri's stock to the fullest. Thanks for these lovely photos. I've been thinking of taking more photos of mine soon, I'm the victorian-lolita fashion spectrum. Tongue