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My new Dal (she's nameless) - thisday - 04-21-2015

Well, I got her, customized her and she is ready to go^^
As soon as she arrived I grabbed some fresh supplies and got to work. Now that she's finished I can sit back and look at her.
[Image: 17032797079_3e0b46f3f6.jpg]dal

Right now she's nameless... And now stockless, so I gave her these pajamas but they're a bit snug. I really do love the bright colors though.

[Image: 17032797239_50521816b0.jpg]dal
And here's a better look of namless' Makeup.

[Image: 17217275042_e787d69945_n.jpg]faceplate
Namless' before face (with one side wiped out and messed up...) until I "fixed" it.

[Image: 17217274882_abb336abf1_z.jpg]dal

Now she's a happy camper with her head put back together. I want a wig and chips (sounds like food) for her too, but I have to decide on colors. I guess Namless' will just have to wait on that. (I better not use that too often or it'll become her real name... (=_=) )

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Alliecat - 04-21-2015

Congratulations on finishing her face smile Must be the eyebrows; she looks more cheerful than many Dals. Sort of "hey, what's up? what are we going to do today??" So, good job.
"Perfectly Perfect Polly"??... LOL

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - PullipPrincess - 04-21-2015

Aww, she looks like such a sweetie! I love her expression! You did such a good job on her! <3 I hope you find a name for her soon, too! :3

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Jencut - 04-21-2015

She looks lovely, great job on her face up! She definitely does look less grumpy than some Dals! LOL Can't wait to see what you do with her wig and eyes smile

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Severity - 04-21-2015

She is gorgeous!!

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - KiraKira - 04-21-2015

Such a cute dal with a sweet faceup--great work!

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Missy_Crane - 04-21-2015

She's so pretty, and her little outfit is adorable smile

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Cornflower Blue - 04-22-2015

She's a cutie!

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - oonyaoo - 04-24-2015

Awh she's so adorable!!

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - thisday - 04-24-2015

Thank you everybody! It was quite alot of work, so I'm glad she turned out well! I wish my camera would pick up more of the blush and the other three moles on her face... I may take some more pictures later and see if any camera in my house can capture her better.

Heh heh, I would call her Triple P for short ^^ I'm still choosing a name though.

Thank You, sweet is actually what I was going for!

Yeah, I really wanted this Dal to be a bit less grumpy. I'm glad that comes through.

Thank you! I'm glad you like her!

Thank you (ô u ô)

Thank you Missy, I liked the pajama too. I think pink went well with her.

@Cornflower Blue
Thanks (^^)/

Thank you! (>u<)

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - AliceMR - 04-28-2015

I really like your new girl! Her expression and style are both very cute and innocent Happy can't wait to see more pictures of her!!

P.S. Best wishes on choosing a name yay

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - kulukala - 04-28-2015

She's really pretty, and she looks so adorable ! You did a great job on her smile

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Little mouse - 04-28-2015

Well done! She looks really happy!

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - ladywindsor - 04-29-2015

She is adorable! You did a great job!
She is so lucky to have so many admirers on this thread!

RE: My new Dal (she's nameless) - Marilyn - 04-29-2015

I concur with PullipPrincess, she looks very sweet. I've always thought of DAL as "the angry one" but yours has a child-like innocence. You did a really lovely job.