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All My Pullips, June 2015 - PancakeKarma - 06-25-2015

Hello everyone! Today I spent some time and took individual photos of each and every one of my dolls. I have them organized by each character right here if you'd like to check them out, I'd appreciate it LOL I've also posted the profiles in the album descriptions that I spent the past three or so weeks working on. If you don't recognize a character's name in a dolls' bio, s/he hasn't arrived yet, or isn't presentable yet, hehe Happy

I'm going to probably repost the profiles here on the forum too, I just wanted some initial opinions on them. I realized I haven't really shown off my dolls here, and I feel guilty!

RE: All My Pullips, June 2015 - Lilcurly - 06-25-2015

You have some beautiful dollies, It looks like you've done a great job getting them all organised with their pictures & profiles smile I particularly like the fact that your family features some of the older releases alongside some newer ones.

RE: All My Pullips, June 2015 - Little mouse - 06-26-2015

You have some lovely dolls .....well done on all the organisation of your collection.

RE: All My Pullips, June 2015 - martah - 06-26-2015

All of your dolls are beautiful! I'm not seeing Arietta too often, your Ari is so pretty.

RE: All My Pullips, June 2015 - ridi - 06-27-2015

Ohh, I love them! They're all so well thought out! I think my favorites are Eve and Obsidian, but I also love Lucienne a lot. I do have a bias for Eternia, and yours is totally rocking that short haircut!

RE: All My Pullips, June 2015 - beajjai033 - 06-28-2015

I adore modified Tomoe Mamis, yours (Kirana) included smile