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Obitsued dolls? - PancakeKarma - 07-03-2015

Does obitsu add much value to dolls? A lot of my dolls are obitsued, so when I sell them I just keep them on their bodies, but is it worth it? Should I just keep the obitsu for another doll?

RE: Obitsued dolls? - Hina Ichigo - 07-03-2015

I think it would add maybe $15 to the value of a doll for a well matching obitsu for like common matches (though if you have a coconut obitsu on a Nahh-ato for example I'd be willing to pay a hell of a lot more). Not everyone obitsus their dolls and there is no guarantee someone is going to like the particular obitsu you have like I might want a small bust on a doll whereas you have it on a large bust obitsu. Honestly if it was me, I'd list it as an option price without obitsu/ price with obitsu.

RE: Obitsued dolls? - Marilyn - 07-03-2015

I really think it's a case by case basis.

I could be tempted to pay a little extra for a highly poseable body with multiple sets of hands, and magnetic feet sound like a dream come true, but on the other hand skintone mismatches and an inability to wear stock outfits might turn me off a doll I might otherwise buy. It really depends on how it all comes together.