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feedback for dargosmydaddy - dargosmydaddy - 08-09-2015

Put feedback here

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - sakana_hime - 09-02-2015

+1 great buyer!

Dargosmydaddy was great to do business with. Great communication and quick payment. Thank you so much!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Parton - 10-18-2015

+1 for great buyer ditto

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - kuanyin4 - 02-01-2016

Dargosmydaddy bought my Atoya, and was just perfect as a buyer! Thank you for being so lovely to work with.

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - trillian - 02-26-2016

+1 for great buyer! Bought my Eos. Thank you!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Cornflower Blue - 04-16-2016

+1 as a buyer!

dargosmydaddy bought some stock outfits from me. Communication was friendly and payment prompt. Thanks!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - fishy - 04-22-2016

+1 as a buyer. Thanks for buying Cavalie! smile

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - vadafade - 05-20-2016

+1 as a buyer. dargosmydaddy bought my Taeyang Batman. Quick and polite communication, paid promptly. Great transaction!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Haint Blue - 06-05-2016

+1 as seller! Bought a dress from Dargosmydaddy and they were quick to reply, gave me an exact date they'd be shipping, and were prompt in communication. Dress was wonderfully packaged and she threw in some gifts grin Would buy from again!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Meowceline - 09-23-2016

+1 buyer
Fast to pay and grate to talk to. thank you for a smooth transaction

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Cornflower Blue - 11-04-2016

+1 as a buyer!

I picked up a Tuesday Morning special for dargosmydaddy. Communication was friendly and payment was prompt.

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - pink anemone - 01-12-2017

+1 as a seller! All around perfect experience, thank you very much!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Alliecat - 04-01-2017

+1 as a seller; I bought an outfit.
Great communication and an honest seller; she refunded me some excess postage.
Would be happy to do business again smile

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - sinderellah - 08-24-2017

+1 as a buyer

Gave a good home to two Namu boys smile
Prompt payment, friendly communication and patient when giving me time to find prices or get back into the city!
Would definitely work with again - thanks!

RE: feedback for dargosmydaddy - Chizuki - 08-30-2017

+ 1 seller.

Bought an outfit from dargosmydaddy. Packed well, shipped fast. Overall would do business with again.

-thanks ^^