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I'll come back to you - Aienhime - 08-18-2015

It's been a while since I last made a photo with a real story behind it. I feel like I used to do that way more, and I started to miss it. So here you go smile

[Image: 20032014314_f9cba20f81_z.jpg]
I'll come back to you by Aien, on Flickr

Elenore and Swift had been best friends since they had joined the circus. Swift has always been jealous of Elenore's skills; while Swift was still in training, Elenore was the star of the trapeze and people came to the circus from afar to see her dance in the skies.

But no ghost can stay on earth forever. When she fell down during practice, Swift was the only one who saw her get up as if nothing had happened. Shocked, Swift asked how this was possible, and Elenore was forced to tell the truth; she had died years ago during a stunt gone wrong, but had refused to leave the circus life behind and had wandered the lands until she found this circus where she could fly once again.

Her secret out, however, Elenore was no longer able to remain on this earth. As she faded, she promised her friend she would come back, even though she had no idea if such a thing was even possible...

RE: I'll come back to you - fishy - 08-18-2015

;___; That's so sad and pretty!! ;____;

RE: I'll come back to you - Marsian - 08-18-2015

Cry That is so sad
I hope she will be able to get back to her friend!

Beautiful photo!

RE: I'll come back to you - Lily Eyre - 08-18-2015

really sweet smile

RE: I'll come back to you - KiraKira - 08-18-2015

Poor Swift, losing her best friend, and I'm sad for Eleanore too, since she can't remain on Earth as a trapeze artist. It's a lovely photo with a beautiful story.

RE: I'll come back to you - Alliecat - 08-18-2015

Aw... What a neat idea. Elenore is lovely -- and I like how you changed her expression as she 'fades'. I hope you'll post some more story photos!

RE: I'll come back to you - Little mouse - 08-19-2015

What a fabulous photo to go with the story *gasp*

I also have a tear in my eye *sniff*

RE: I'll come back to you - Aienhime - 08-21-2015

Thanks so much all! I just made this story up as I was playing with these girls for the photo, but I really love it. I might turn it into a real story for Nanowrimo...!

RE: I'll come back to you - beajjai033 - 08-22-2015

That's so sad upside down But it's a really lovely story, with a lovely photo.