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She's here! - Brill - 10-29-2015

My regeneration fan is here!

I took photos right outside of the ups store which is a great place for a photo shoot!
[Image: oarsbp.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: 2uoph14.jpg]

RE: She's here! - whimsu - 10-29-2015

That looks like a REALLY pretty spot to take pics at! Lucky UPS workers for working so close. Tongue

She looks great! I just read your other post about the tracking dilemma, but I'm glad it all got solved. :3

RE: She's here! - DeadlyNova - 10-29-2015

You wasted no time taking her out for photos! xD

I knew she'd arrive soon. <3

She looks so pretty!! And what a beautiful place for photos!

RE: She's here! - martah - 10-29-2015

Congrats, I'm glad she arrived safe and sound! smile

RE: She's here! - Marilyn - 10-29-2015

Yay! Big Brown came through and got your girl to you! Happy

That truly is an excellent spot for photos. The UPS stores closest to me are in a strip mall and an industrial park, i.e. both stink for photos.

RE: She's here! - Alliecat - 10-29-2015

Hahaha LOL that's great, you had her out of the box for photos right outside the store! I remember taking pictures of Marie on the way home from the mailbox when she arrived. Glad you got her safely. (She looks like she's thinking "Whew, I'm glad that's over with.")

RE: She's here! - MercyTiara - 10-30-2015

congrats, she's beautiful! Glad she made it home safe and sound!

RE: She's here! - Cornflower Blue - 10-30-2015

Congrats! Regen Fan is one of the more successful regeneration girls.

RE: She's here! - Brill - 10-30-2015

Thank you everyone.

RE: She's here! - PullipPrincess - 10-30-2015

She's so cute! And that place has such beautiful scenery!