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Feedback for offgenemi - Offgenemi - 10-29-2015

Please leave your feedback for me here. Thank you Happy

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - GreysPrincess - 11-11-2015

+1 as a seller! Offgenemi picked up a doll for me at TM and was very friendly and communicative throughout!

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - Alliecat - 01-21-2016

+1 as a split partner. Offgenemi did the bidding and shipping for a 3-way eBay split. Communication was great, packing and shipping were great... I'd be happy to do business again any time smile

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - Miss Edith - 01-23-2016

+1 as a split partner. In the same split as Alliecat (above) & ditto everything she said smile

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - Alliecat - 03-08-2016

+1 again, for sending some mini stands and extras. A lovely person to do dolly business with smile

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - orkira - 08-23-2016

+1 awesome seller. I bought a custom kimono from her, she was willing to work with me on colors and the finished kimono is gorgeous!

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - Miss Edith - 11-03-2016

+1 fantastic seller/seamstress

I asked Offgenimi to make an outfit for one of my favourite Dals. She made a stunning set, VERY fast, VERY VERY generously priced, lightning fast postage. As well as being a lovely person & my friend, she is an A+++++ person to deal with.

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - Cornflower Blue - 11-05-2016

+1 as a buyer!

offgenemi bought a couple of the TM specials off of me. Communication war friendly and payment was prompt. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - Alliecat - 07-20-2017

+1 again for my favourite dolly-split partner (enabler?). Offgenemi added a couple of dolls for me to her Groove order because their shipping to Canada is so bad, and sent them on to me. Great communication and good packing and as always, lovely to do business with smile

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - holyponiesbatman - 10-03-2017

+1 as a buyer

Excellent, smooth transaction. And a really sweet person!

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - abeautifullittlefool - 02-21-2018

+1 as a buyer

Perfect communications and a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!

RE: Feedback for offgenemi - fishy - 03-27-2018

Lovely to work with, as always. Thank you! smile