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Volks Eden, Isao Nanjou price check - Marilyn - 02-10-2016

Three guesses why I'm starting this thread… LOL

Head #1: Volks Eden (link for reference, not mine) head released August 2008, with original eyes and face-up in pristine condition. I had to sell his body to raise funds (long story, and wow, that sounds incredibly wrong taken out of context) but I kept the head / eyes / wig / outfit / shoes hoping I'd be able to make him whole someday. Instead I moved away from the hobby. -.- I've been meaning to post him since I came back but I don't even know what to ask. What's a fair price for an "Eden Lot"? Or for the separate pieces? None were ever used.

Boy #2: Isao Nanjou - 2nd Story Version (link for reference, not mine), purchased 2005 (I think at the end of January). This boy was well loved. I had fun trying out different wigs and eyes on him. I think I put him in his stock outfit once, and I still have all the pieces: shirt / pants / boots / wig / eyes / box. If memory serves, I never removed his wig from the packaging though of course I'd make certain before posting a FS thread. Thoughts on pricing?

Thanks for whatever help you can offer. Special 2

RE: Volks Eden, Isao Nanjou price check - Marilyn - 02-23-2016

Nothing? Sweatdrop