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Found G1s in the wild! - Hina Ichigo - 03-08-2016

My husband is currently on a business trip that has him staying in the Tacoma Washington area for a few months. On his day off, he has been exploring various comic shops trying to find various Funko Pops which is the obsession du jour. He called me very excited on Sunday, he had found something even more exciting PONIES!!! At first I assumed he found G4s of maybe G3s but then he said "wow did they really make boys back in G1? I've never seen them before!" This is the first time either of us have ever found G1s in the wild.

The prices were pretty reasonable, the only one that was a bit on the pricey side was Applejack who was $20. Applejack was my favorite pony as a kid and still is today though and especially with her being so very minty she couldn't by left behind.
[Image: 25569558566_97b0e9244a.jpg]

[Image: 25595659045_2bbc837bee.jpg]

[Image: 24968980733_ff29794a1c.jpg]
Barnacle! I love pirates and have always wanted him but could not justify the price.
[Image: 25595660795_ba680e6a13.jpg]
Steamer who was like the one boy pony I had in my childhood collection.

[Image: 25228152219_fbbd98dbf5.jpg]
This is everything he bought. I wasn't positive until this morning when I confirmed with him that the baby pony is indeed the UK exclusive pony Schoolbag, she's not super rare/pricey but still a really awesome find! So we got Barnacle, Applejack, Baby Schoolbag, Princess Primrose, Hula Hula and Steamer plus the Funko vinyl Celestia and Luna. Also a couple of Funko Pops, a random Loki toy, a Bubbles Powerpuff Girls snowglobe and a couple of books Sweatdrop
[Image: 24968980763_4e7fd52a71.jpg]
Hubby is supposed to send me better pictures of the ponies tonight! He also said he is going to go back next weekend as they had a lot of awesome different things he wanted to take a look at.

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - fishy - 03-08-2016

Congratulations! smile What a find! smile

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - Alliecat - 03-08-2016

I think it's just the cutest thing that your husband called you about that -- and so neat that you can share such interests and get excited about it together. Congrats on the cool finds! smile

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - Hina Ichigo - 03-08-2016

Thanks! I'm very excited about these especially since these are my first G1 additions in a few years, I've kind of slowed down a bit with the pony collecting since my move and I had to break down Ponyville T_T
[Image: 8121256853_b8c3afa28d.jpg]
[Image: 8140741618_b4d9258bfd.jpg]
[Image: 8123970645_b9348d5e98.jpg]

The little one both has us watching the show with her and it's very cute so it kind of kickstarted my collecting ponies again as an adult and he loves the show too then again he adores Powerpuff Girls too so I shouldn't be too surprised (notice the Bubbles Powerpuff Girls snowglobe that also got purchased!).

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - Cornflower Blue - 03-08-2016

Congrats on the interesting vintage finds! MLPs were after my time, but I've always found the G1s the most charming.

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - Severity - 03-11-2016

That is really cool! There was a vendor at Cleveland Comic con that had some ponies, but their hair was all in such awful shape, the first thing I thought was that they needed a reroot, and I was like no, too many pending re-roots already! The same person had a bunch of monster high dolls, of both the reasonably priced and overpriced variety. I kind of wish I had brought home the $20 first release Clawd I found (I had one, sold him, and kind of miss him). On the other hand they had the first release Venus for like $80, which seemed shockingly expensive to me, I dunno.

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - kitten-squid - 03-12-2016

What a nice haul! Steamer and Baby School Bag are some of my favorite G1's too!

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - fishy - 03-12-2016

Is that an Escaflowne comic book? :?

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - martah - 03-13-2016

Great find! They seem to be is very good condition too.

RE: Found G1s in the wild! - blackxlily - 02-20-2017

My gosh they are so expensive! I came across some G1s irl too, but I didn't want to pay for them haha! XD