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Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Buzzingbumblebee - 04-04-2016

Sully short for Sullivan came home on Wednesday grin. That was the name her previous owner gave her, and I like it yay. So happy to finally have my grail Heart. I have swapped two pairs of eyechips on her today. Swapped Brainworm eyechips for Puppelina eyechips. I have a few pairs saved for special girls wink. I love her so much!

[Image: 26120607442_307d6c588b_z.jpg]Sully by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25610398673_c447b8cf48_z.jpg]Sully by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 26120580182_9d0915fe5e_z.jpg]Sully by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25940155060_58c03e9fd4_z.jpg]Sully by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25610352753_2a4fbff4ec_z.jpg]Sully by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25608229314_e9cfe96a48_z.jpg]Sully by Mona, on Flickr

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Haint Blue - 04-04-2016

AHHHHHH! Congrats! Olga's dollies are just the best. I love love LOOOVEEEEE her gorgeous chips and her name is so cute and fitting. That's a great outfit, too, love the layered legs and the way her hat brings out her cute bangs!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - martah - 04-04-2016

She is gorgeous, so blushy!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - fishy - 04-04-2016

Wow, she's so pretty! smile

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - KiraKira - 04-04-2016

She's definitely a beautiful one--well worth the wait! Pretty name too!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Missy_Crane - 04-04-2016

Hey eyes are perfect! Heart

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - torythehuman - 04-04-2016

I'm not usually a Blythe fan, but I love Sully! Her outfit is what's getting me, it's too cute and kind of mori-like with all the layers. Too cute!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Offgenemi - 04-04-2016

She Is precious smile her eyes look beautiful smile

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Cornflower Blue - 04-04-2016

She's a very special cutie pie!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Alliecat - 04-04-2016

Congrats on getting a long-awaited doll smile Her eyelids are cute. In the last couple of photos she really looks like she wants you to pick her up and hug her.

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Marilyn - 04-05-2016

I love her eyelids. Congrats Bee!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Pink Haired Freak - 04-06-2016

Shes so sweet! I love her little face. Gosh I keep wanting blythes more and more!!!

RE: Sully the vainilladolly <3 - Buzzingbumblebee - 04-13-2016

Thank you so much everyone Heart. She really does look like she needs a big hug to feel better wink. I love the pouty girls so much.

And the outfit is really perfect for her subdued colouring. I love her natural colours, that's why I picked Puppelina eyechips for her. I really need to get her more outfits though. I have this thing. I can't seem to take new photos of my girls, not often anyway, without changing their outfit. That's part of the fun of a photoshoot, trying on different outfits.