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Juno and Nooroo - DeadlyNova - 05-20-2016

I recieved my girls that I got in that split here recently today, and I adore them so much. I got Prunella and My Melody.

They're both a bit dirty and have a few problems, but I thought I'd snap a few photos before I went to cleaning them up.

Now their clothes, Prunella's wig, and the wig that came on My Melody are all washing. Soon I'm going to wipe down their faces, but first I thought I'd take them apart and fix Prunella's wonky eyechip(turns out it was Blythe chip that wasn't sanded enough) and try to figure out why My Melody can't close her eyes. That second one was a failure and I'm still not sure why she can't close her eyes. Everything is aligned and I can even get them to close if her head is open and I push down on the top of the eyelid where the springs are, the springs are fine, but they don't work with the eye levers. I'll look more at it later, I suppose.

Meet Juno(Prunella) and Nooroo(My Melody). <3 I adore them both to pieces and can't wait to get them fixed up.

[Image: 27021006402_60a8802e9e_z.jpg]Juno and Nooroo by Haley, on Flickr
I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with Juno, wig wise, although I do have a few ideas. I have had my eye on the wig I've put on on Nooroo for quite some time and was waiting for the perfect doll for it and once I bought her I knew she was the one so I bought it and it has been waiting for her for a few days. <3
[Image: 26511708283_e98658bdb5_z.jpg]Nooroo by Haley, on Flickr
I've instantly bonded with Nooroo. The second I put this wig on her she became the cutest little thing in the world and my mom had a fit over her, haha. I can't wait to get her rebodied and fall even more in love with her. <3 She has a bit of a lip chip, but I honestly don't even notice it in photos and you can barely tell in person. Since my favorite of my girls, my Dita, Eva, has lip chip much worse than this it's not that big of a deal to me.
[Image: 26841167160_dc9da9eb97_z.jpg]Juno by Haley, on Flickr
Prunella is just as gorgeous in person as I remember her being the one time I've seen one in person before. <3 I adore Juno and I can't wait until I can get a look settled for her. I have some possible eyechips on the way for her, as, while I do love these blind eyechips, I don't know if I love them for her. If she's blind how can she have such extravagant makeup?
[Image: 26509862314_bd99a10c7f_z.jpg]Nooroo by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 27115487535_7a2f3151f1_z.jpg]Juno by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 27115630705_f785a53252_z.jpg]Nooroo by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 27046939241_6388fc701e_z.jpg]Juno by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 27047206021_87e183f749_z.jpg]Nooroo by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 27021085712_6385c0cf49_z.jpg]Juno by Haley, on Flickr
I'm very happy with these girls and am excited to give them a little TLC because it makes for a great bonding experience. <3

Thanks for looking!

RE: Juno and Nooroo - dargosmydaddy - 05-20-2016

They're both lovely! And Nooroo looks like such a little sweetie smile

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Cornflower Blue - 05-20-2016

They're both gorgeous! Congrats! Prunella and My Melody are both great examples of when Groove/Jun Planning were on top of their game. Silly me bought a nude Prunella and I'm sorry I missed out on her stock.

My girls arrived today, too. They are also in need of a spa day and I think all 4 had at least 1 if not both eyes that wouldn't blink. They are currently all taken apart and lined up for cleaning next and tinkering with the eye mechs. Except for AQ, she's got a stripped screw I'll have to mess with. I'll let you know if I find out what's up with the eye mechs.

RE: Juno and Nooroo - DeadlyNova - 05-20-2016

Thank you both so much! <3

@CB: All of the h.naoto dolls have some of my favorite stock outfits, and after buying Hangry nude and ending up getting a second one so I could also have her with her stock I realized I should probably never buy one of them nude again. Thankfully I now have them all apart from Isolde so I don't have to worry about that anymore, haha.

Congrats to you on your new girls, too! Thank you for offering to let me know if you can figure out what's wrong with their eyemechs. I'll let you know if I can figure anything out as well. smile Good luck on cleaning yours up.


On another note, I took this random picture and thought this would be the best place to share it.
[Image: 26518213573_2b91e1fcfc_z.jpg]Bundled Up by Haley, on Flickr
Their stock outfits are still drying from being washed and I have no other clothes with me at the moment, but my mother walked in and upon seeing two dolls naked on the couch prompted me to cover them up because 'there are men here'. I thought they looked like two girls at a sleepover.

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Alliecat - 05-20-2016

Hey, congrats on your two new girls. Pullip families grow fast when they come two at a time LOL They don't look in the photos like they need much fixing. Prunella is rare, isn't she? so that's quite a score for you. She is really pretty. And Nooroo's wig really is perfect for her. Nope, can't see a chip.
Maybe someone can explain to me the appeal of dolls with cataracts, because I don't "get" it. I'd like them to look like they're making eye contact, in photos or in person. But then, I don't make up "characters", for which one might want a blind doll, I guess. Anyway, hope you have fun with their spa treatment -- looking forward to seeing them all done smile

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Cornflower Blue - 05-20-2016

I got a pair of those type of chips from CoolCat as freebies and I can't get them to work for anyone. I only like how they look in ghostly, goulish dolls.

RE: Juno and Nooroo - DeadlyNova - 05-20-2016

Thank you, Alliecat! Yes, Prunella is pretty hard to find. She's been one of my grails for quite a while so I'm definitely glad I got this good deal on her.

I like the way the eyechips look, but only in certain dolls. But I do make extensive characters for my dolls so I'll probably save these for a blind character. I do have one existing doll/character that's supposed to go blind in the future, but at the point in my 'story' he exists in in doll form he isn't blind yet(and I wouldn't want to change that because he's one of the few dolls I have that wears glasses!)

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Hunajasieni - 05-23-2016

(05-20-2016, 12:20 PM)DeadlyNova Wrote: Their stock outfits are still drying from being washed and I have no other clothes with me at the moment, but my mother walked in and upon seeing two dolls naked on the couch prompted me to cover them up because 'there are men here'. I thought they looked like two girls at a sleepover.

Ahaha, aww so cute! yay

My Melody looks so cute in that pigtailed wig! LOL
Both of your girls are really pretty, having had Prunella myself earlier, it is still very stunning girl!

I also like the milky eyes, I have a lot of them, actually have used them before I had any pullip sized chips, sanding the blythe chips. I think they are the same ones I got, they look very similar at least. I also like them, I have currently one Byul who is blind and a Blythe, who has one eye.

I think the face up of a blind girl can be like that, there is other people around, her sister or mother could put make up on her for example. smile Ofc you do what you want, but I don't think they are bad on Prunella. (Nor need an excuse to be on her.)

RE: Juno and Nooroo - DeadlyNova - 05-23-2016

Thank you! I was actually going to make her and my Dal Angry sisters and was considering the "her sister does her makeup" angle, since their faceups are so similar, but I'm still not sure if I want her to be fully blind. I might keep one eye like that. I suppose we'll see!

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Little mouse - 05-24-2016

Congratulations! They are both so pretty.........good luck in sorting them both out to work for you now.

And I did chuckle at the "If she's blind how can she have such extravagant makeup?"
I am looking forward to seeing what eye-chips you choose for her now.

RE: Juno and Nooroo - DeadlyNova - 05-25-2016

Thank you, little mouse!

Turns out the eyechips I ordered for Juno didn't actually get ordered as my paypal doesn't even have the transaction in the history, so I don't really know what's going on there. I might take this as a sign to keep these. We'll see. I might actually go that 'her sister does her makeup' route.

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Offgenemi - 05-25-2016

am i crazy or Nooroo (my melody ) has a pointier nose than juno (prunella). every time i look at the photos it seems that way to me. she is super cute.

RE: Juno and Nooroo - DeadlyNova - 05-25-2016

I think you're crazy. xD Their noses are the same! The angles of the photos might make them look different, though. Haha, thank you! <3

RE: Juno and Nooroo - GreysPrincess - 05-25-2016

When my Aya got here I was utterly convinced she had a bigger nose than my other girls but I'm pretty sure I'm nuts. It's crazy how they can look so different with no real differences at all!

RE: Juno and Nooroo - Alliecat - 05-25-2016

I see it, in a couple of photos. It's the light... I'm often surprised how a different camera or light angle can make it look like a doll has a completely different expression.