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target clearance - FishiesGoPook - 07-11-2016

target has a bunch of MLP stuff on clearance, as well as LPS, and MH and a bunch of other lines so happy hunting smile

RE: target clearance - whimsu - 07-13-2016

Dang! Why'd I have to see this!?
I stopped by today to look for a phone case..remembered this post and wandered over to toys...
Picked up some girls..
Star Darling Scarlet Starling 7.48
Moxie Gurlz 6.28 (mostly for her koala dress... + koala toy)
Ever After High Deerla 5.73
Ever After High Featherly 5.73

They had the ever after high bunny girl too, but she sorta scares me tbh ;__;
Soo much clearance they have D:
Although I don't think i saw any LPS on sale ;___;

RE: target clearance - vertefae - 07-14-2016

Does anyone know if the super hero fashion size pack was on sale yet?

RE: target clearance - Hina Ichigo - 07-15-2016

Yes it was $42 at my Target yesterday, I had to convince myself that I didn't need it. I did scoop up the smaller AJ though.