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New girlies! New Photos! - Pink Haired Freak - 08-01-2016

[Image: 28298610782_fb2ec1431e_z.jpg]☆ADAW 26/52☆ by Antique Wolf, on Flickr

[Image: 28120330840_3ac9538608_z.jpg]☆ADAW 27/52☆ by Antique Wolf, on Flickr

This is Melanie everybody, she's very very pretty she's a custom blythe by ZigandZag She has super pretty hair and a amazing face! She almost looks like a stock girl doesn't she! Her original base doll is RBL Angelica Eve. She has this super cool grey/green/brown dyed hair. Apparently at one point it was teal. However rit dye oxidized into this don't mind it I think it suits her.


[Image: 28653820296_b4d9c9f78d_z.jpg]Knowing ☆ADAW 29/52☆ by Antique Wolf, on Flickr

Okay final introduction, at least for a month or so lol. Nadine is so so pretty she's a Icy doll custom by... I'm not sure. I found her on ebay awhile back and fell in love with her amazingness. Her hair is the most amazing shade of coral and her makeup is outstanding.
If anyone knows who customized her, let me know. I am very curious to her origins.
I promise next week I will take a photo of a pullip I just had so many blythes to introduce >.<

I was worried people thought I was getting out of pullips but I like to think of my love of them being consistent, however now blythes are now part of that consistentness. I actually still have pullips I want to buy like I really regret selling my "My Melody" so I decided that I will get another one someday. such a regret Irritated
I also have a new goal, actually responding to comments Sweatdrop Im so bad at that.

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - Doll Angel (Janeen F) - 08-03-2016

Oh wow! Congratulations on getting both girls! yay
Melanie really looks like a stock girl! Her green eye shadow gives her a fresh colorful look ^^ Something about the color green looks so pretty on her! And Nadine's orange hair gives her such a vibrant flare!

If I ever find a my Melody for a good price I will be sure to let you know. ;D

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - Cornflower Blue - 08-03-2016

Melanie certainly does look like a stock girl. I missed the subtle colors in her hair until I read your description. It's really pretty! The custom Icy is very colorful! Congrats on both new girls. I was kind of wondering if you were shifting your focus to Blythes. I'm glad you're still into Pullips. I find my doll love tends to rotate around my collection. So sometimes I take a break from Pullips to focus on some other kind of doll. But I always come back to them.

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - Pink Haired Freak - 08-04-2016

Thank you both!!! I kinda have a theory Melanie was not even sanded because Angelica Eve has little to no eyeshadow and super pale lips. So she most likely just went over what was already there with pastels and used a shiny sealant.
I don't think I could ever leave sweet sweet pullip <3 Because I recall at one point I intended to leave the hobby but having my dolls sit in a box for more than a day or two felt weird so I love them to much!! yay

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - vertefae - 08-05-2016

Oh wow! I thought Melanie was a touched up Kenner! What an amazing girl!!

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - KiraKira - 08-05-2016

Your new girls are very pretty! Love Melanie's vivid green shadowing and those lashes! It goes nicely with her dark tresses. smile

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - Alliecat - 08-05-2016

Congrats on your new girls! Glad you're enjoying them smile

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - Pink Haired Freak - 08-06-2016

Thank you all very very much!!

(08-05-2016, 03:49 AM)vertefae Wrote: Oh wow! I thought Melanie was a touched up Kenner! What an amazing girl!!

I thought I was the only one that thought she looked kennerish LOL Thank you!

RE: New girlies! New Photos! - vertefae - 08-11-2016

You're welcome! It's the green shadow and amazing hair!