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Mini Alice arrives - Alliecat - 08-02-2016

PrettyTiny Film Company & Modelling Studio got another new crew member last week. TrueFan found Mini Alice at Tuesday Morning, and here she is smile

[Image: 27999373064_987f14a6cf_o.jpg]
Welcoming committee. Heart 2

[Image: 28091945414_16d380059e_o.jpg]
A poor shot just to show, her hair may never be this neat again... blush

[Image: 28603585702_8047002ca5_o.jpg]
Meet & greet with PTFCo president. Sunsette takes her responsibility seriously to make the newbies welcome.

[Image: 28093631713_8c993d5917_o.jpg]
Straight outside for a photoshoot... dodging ants.

[Image: 28091946434_f43db06816_o.jpg]
Naturally talented model... She's just as cute as her stock photos suggest.

[Image: 28676847036_d71ba6ffde_o.jpg]

Thanks for looking smile

RE: Mini Alice arrives - TrueFan - 08-02-2016

Oh, lovely photo!
[Image: 28093631713_8c993d5917_o.jpg]

RE: Mini Alice arrives - Cornflower Blue - 08-02-2016

She looks very pretty in the field of flowers.

RE: Mini Alice arrives - Offgenemi - 08-02-2016

She is very photogenic ! She looks very cute among greenery.

RE: Mini Alice arrives - dargosmydaddy - 08-02-2016

She's gorgeous!

RE: Mini Alice arrives - desiree.lari - 08-03-2016

I found her recently at Tuesday Morning too! Love hersmile She's such a pretty girl..and her hair is so softsmile

RE: Mini Alice arrives - Doll Angel (Janeen F) - 08-03-2016

Oh my she is SO CUTE!!! *O* I am so happy you were finally able to get her!!

RE: Mini Alice arrives - DeadlyNova - 08-03-2016

She's so cute, congrats! <3

RE: Mini Alice arrives - torythehuman - 08-03-2016

The photo TrueFan reposted is adorable, it really looks like she's exploring and curious (as befits her character, haha!)

RE: Mini Alice arrives - Alliecat - 08-05-2016

Thanks everyone! torythehuman, haha -- I wonder if there's a rabbit hole hidden in those ferns...? LOL

RE: Mini Alice arrives - torythehuman - 08-06-2016

(08-05-2016, 11:47 AM)Alliecat Wrote: Thanks everyone! torythehuman, haha -- I wonder if there's a rabbit hole hidden in those ferns...? LOL

You never know, haha! Maybe Alice knows something we don't... wink

RE: Mini Alice arrives - martah - 08-13-2016

Very pretty girl, congrats on getting a new member to the PrettyTiny Film Company & Modelling Studio!