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Dal Puki!! - Pink Haired Freak - 08-08-2016

[Image: 28835556825_1a675daae6_z.jpg]Dinosaur Girl ☆ADAW 30/52☆ by Antique Wolf, on Flickr
Finally another photo of robin. I really need to obitsu her and Lucille but I love the dal body so much! It's just Robins legs fall off all the time!! I once had a dal Darony who was older like Robin and had the exact same problem. The dal body is just so so cute!
My original intent for this photo was to have Robin and Lucille battling Dinos but I plan on doing that another time when I have more time for it.

RE: Dal Puki!! - Cornflower Blue - 08-08-2016

Puki is one of the cutest Dals! I've never had much of a problem with legs falling off. Sometimes they come off when pulling off footwear or stockings. But I've never had them just fall off.

RE: Dal Puki!! - Doll Angel (Janeen F) - 08-08-2016

Oh my word Robin is almost too adorable for words! *O* I love her and her little dinosaur!! I think you should totally take the picture with Lucille, may all other dals be jealous of their remarkable cuteness! ^w^
Come to think of it, I have one dal (I think it was my Len) who has a real bad leg popping off problem too. Why is it that only now I remember that is easily fixable? XD What you will need is a hot glue gun and a toothpick (or anything you can use to spread the glue around). First you will need to pull out the problem joint and add a drip of hot glue on it. Right afterwards spread it as evenly around the peg as fast as you can. After the glue fully dries try and push it back into its socket. Then add/ take away glue depending on how loose or tight the fit is. I hope that helps your sweet Robin!

RE: Dal Puki!! - Severity - 08-08-2016

She is so precious! Puki is probably my favorite Dal grin

RE: Dal Puki!! - TrueFan - 08-09-2016

Puki is so cute! You can also try wrapping plastic wrap around her pegs to keep her legs in.

RE: Dal Puki!! - orkira - 08-09-2016

She is adorable, lovely picture you took of her!

RE: Dal Puki!! - Cornflower Blue - 08-09-2016

(08-09-2016, 01:08 AM)TrueFan Wrote: Puki is so cute! You can also try wrapping plastic wrap around her pegs to keep her legs in.
Or the plumbers tape you use for the necks when rebodying.

RE: Dal Puki!! - Pink Haired Freak - 08-10-2016

Thank you for all the advice on the leg!!! I will definetly try some of them!!
Also thank you guys, I love love love Puki and I had her during Dalicious. Maybe someday LOL

RE: Dal Puki!! - martah - 08-13-2016

Your Puki is a little gem! She is adorable. smile