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RE: A few photos of Amelia - Lejays17 - 12-30-2016

Thanks all for the nice comments - I do love her Dalek dress, it's a fairly simple pattern if you don't do the bobbles, so I can see myself doing a lot in the future Happy

Amelia got a new friend at Christmas Happy
[Image: 672e5d5fae3d6a246d70428e9e037be3.jpg]

[Image: 7b0b0e0cb0c0d57d8e0df82380997d3c.jpg]

RE: A few photos of Amelia - Alliecat - 01-02-2017

Congrats on your new addition. I do like dolls with blue hair!

RE: A few photos of Amelia - Lejays17 - 01-19-2017

(01-02-2017, 02:25 PM)Alliecat Wrote: Congrats on your new addition. I do like dolls with blue hair!

I wasn't quite sure when I got her, but she's definitely grown on me as I've taken her picture & redressed her.

This is Evie's new outfit - she looks so different in them.
[Image: 58c5cbfb8f1e79baedf14bbb0b0e7b83.jpg]

And this is my newest girl Happy I think she's the prettiest of all my girls (but shh, don't tell the others that LOL

[Image: 227cb4812e5b1bf5cc1f0f5551e97cc9.jpg]

RE: A few photos of Amelia - MapleLeaf - 01-20-2017

Congratulations on your new girls! They are both very sweet. Heart 2

RE: A few photos of Amelia - Lejays17 - 01-30-2017

Some random pictures I've taken recently of my girls.

Kit & Lottie discussing the unfairness of Amelia & Evie getting the road-trips all the time. LOL
[Image: 9844638ab51e701701afaa65ca5eae6a.jpg]

Evie & Amelia out and about a cuple of weeks ago.
[Image: 7f213c504d6ab21e8b830c8b60629be6.jpg]

Amelia visiting the alpaca farm (this particular one is fibreglass, so will stay still for photos Happy)
[Image: 6b8c210eac527fe248e8f458126686d4.jpg]

Lottie has been out-and-about to the local gardens.
[Image: 09fbb7a53a588bfc451552b7ab598612.jpg]

Lottie asleep and dreaming of Wonderland
[Image: 4290c2f258db25a69821e543fdf18d7f.jpg]

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Lejays17 - 02-24-2017

My lovely new girl Becky (Aquel)

[Image: 1301dda8d6b5936ca5625cd1f8293a97.jpg]

[Image: b54d101c772a91bffc26f38fb56c72fb.jpg]

"They're not toys, they're collectible action figures!"
[Image: 89d3b2043e5ce5f6f60066f09e0761aa.jpg]

RE: A few photos of my girls. - PullipPrincess - 02-25-2017

All your girls are so pretty! yay I really love Rei and Purezza together, their hair colors are so striking and of course, compliment each other so well! yay Their outfits are also super cute and suit them so well the way you have them dressed up in that last photo. :3 Your Aquel is also gorgeous!

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Offgenemi - 02-28-2017

becky is adorable, she poses very well with natural elements.

amelia and evie are having a heated conversation i see smile very nice photos

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Lejays17 - 03-03-2017

Thanks Offengemi & Pullipprincess for the nice words Happy

I went to the local craft market last weekend, and picked up this great chair for the girls. Becky has claimed it for the moment.

[Image: 2f9633f10e55ed97e442c03dee93fd7b.jpg]
A spot of afternoon tea

[Image: fcc23845e307a1c72123af938d247356.jpg]
My knitting project!

[Image: d5d77105596fe6b60da869affab2ae98.jpg]
Working hard on her project.

[Image: 9a2b103753270d5ddbf5900f88065424.jpg]
Carnaby St Amelia hailing a cab

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Alliecat - 03-04-2017

Aaaah that chair! Heart That's adorable. Did it come with the little flower decorations or did you add them? Looks like Becky has a Really Serious Project going there!
And before I scrolled down to the caption, I thought "she looks like she's hailing a cab" LOL So, good shot!

RE: A few photos of my girls. - PullipPrincess - 03-04-2017

Wow! What a great find! That chair is adorable and is the perfect size for Pullip! <3 It's so cute that your Aquel is helping you with your knitting project. :3 Purezza looks fantastic in that outfit, too! It works so well on her. smile

RE: A few photos of my girls. - GreysPrincess - 03-04-2017

Such lovely pictures! I've always wanted to learn to knit; looks like Becky could teach me a thing or two!

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Hunajasieni - 03-24-2017

Rei is so pretty and cute, congrats! Heart
And of my god Kit! I am totes not waiting for Roman Ann or anything, shh! She is so pretty, nice to see pics! Even tough it makes me more impatient to wait!
All your girls are so pretty! And I love that chair! Was it white already or did you paint it yourself? I have similar but they are wooden, wonder if I culd turn them white... Rb_shy

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Lejays17 - 03-24-2017

I got the chair at a local craft market - the lady at the stall said she had painted the little roses on it (her name was Rose, a lot of her items featured roses smile ), but I'm not sure it it was already white or not though.
It's on again this weekend, I'm totally going back to see if she has another chair!

Princess Ann is so very pretty, I love her - I hope yours doesn't take too long to arrive.

I got my sample sale girls last week, and have been having much fun (and taking advantage of the evening light still) taking shots of them all.

Antimony (Laura), Jo (Meg), Isadora/Izzy (Scarlet)

[Image: ed0d3335fbdefee429c7d949c8d1fbf3.jpg]

Antimony practicing the high-wire
[Image: c1c17bba50b6d9c3da2991512146aa5f.jpg]

Jo got a new outfit
[Image: afc91d40827a709f7f29fd2b7c685f5f.jpg]

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Offgenemi - 03-25-2017

They are all very cute but I love the last photo smile Jo looks adorable smile