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RE: A few photos of my girls. - Miss Edith - 12-05-2017

thanks for that smile

And see Allie, I am so proud slash I can both knit & crochet but don't know which one I'm looking at upside down Lejays, the shawl is breathtaking. The colours but also the laceyness smile You don't happen to have an Etsy store do you?

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Lejays17 - 12-23-2017

The shawl was the object of much admiration at my knitting group due to my focus each week - most of us do something simple at group as we probably chat more than knit. However, I'm a lunatic according to all of them and am often doing more complicated lacey work or patterned or beaded socks at group. I've always been able to concentrate & block out extraneous noise, so it's no different. And the joy of knitting is that I can pull it out if I do it wrong, and redo it.

I don't have an Etsy shop as I do my crafting for fun, and I don't think I could deal with the stress of deadline knitting. (I was stressed enough making little stockings for workmates this year - and no one knew I was doing them so they wouldn't have had any idea if I'd failed to make tem).

Meredith got a new knitted dress for the holiday.
[Image: cd1047920869ba5e71e3784878ce1867.jpg]

Jo-Meg set up the Nativity for the girls.
[Image: ab2f46ea2a180105baa54cb96af2c6cd.jpg]

Tansy opened a window in the Advent Calender
[Image: e9598f621c196ef1c9e6517b771b5882.jpg]

RE: A few photos of my girls. - fishy - 12-24-2017

Great work! smile I wish I could knit well. All those little loops keep trying to ESCAPE TO LIBERTY and give me anxiety XD

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Alliecat - 12-24-2017

I can't block out extraneous noise at all, most of the time. I would be quite distracted.
Cute photos! I think my favourite is the one of Jo-Meg. She looks just like a little kid peeking at the decorations yay

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Cornflower Blue - 12-24-2017

I admire your knitting skills, that is a very cute dress!

RE: A few photos of my girls. - MapleLeaf - 12-25-2017

I love Meredith's new dress! It looks very pretty on her. Happy

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Lejays17 - 12-26-2017

Meredith's dress was a lot of fun to make - you can't really see in the photo, but it has a sparkley thread in the wool that catches the light.

I had a bit of fun the last couple of days including the dolls in some of our traditions.

The Christmas photo with all the girls
[Image: b1ea4cfbcdd7be605234213a7f039c34.jpg]

Chris makes devilled almonds as a treat for Christmas Eve
[Image: 34a14581fb085c5c6b38a5ae08812bb1.jpg]

Planting Strawberries
[Image: 2472e4d26118b06675045a0072bf3206.jpg]

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Miss Edith - 12-26-2017

all lovely pics grin I envy both your knitting skills and your concentration, I lack both. And I envy that gorgeous green dress Lottie(?) is wearing. Every time I look at your family my eyes go straight to that dress LOL

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Alliecat - 12-26-2017

Love the group photo! I know these things take a long time to set up! I had to google 'devilled almonds' -- wow!
And if I could plant strawberries on Christmas Day, I'd be over the moon. Siggghhhh.... smile

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Offgenemi - 12-27-2017

They sure are having fun smile your girls are very active and always keep themselves busy with wonderful chores

RE: A few photos of my girls. - GreysPrincess - 12-28-2017

I love Meredith’s new dress (and Chris’ outfit in the deviled almonds pic)!

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Lejays17 - 01-07-2018

The girls are far more active & involved in chores in the lighter months - as I don't have a photo box with lights, I'm dependent on the ambient light so winter is tougher to get nice shots in.

Chris spoils me terribly, I was not expecting to get another Pullip for my birthday as he had given me one for Christmas.
So imagine my surprise when I opened a big parcel this morning and found that he had got me Steampunk Cheshire Cat!

So this is Antoinette (Toni for short).
[Image: 910670e4e0334bbeacb54d926de6980f.jpg]

[Image: 4c9d6fea8b8eee629e36abf712cb5b0d.jpg]

[Image: 78548b6efd3bee7eb47784e9be17cf37.jpg]

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Miss Edith - 01-07-2018

congrats, she is gorgeous and your hub is a keeper smile

RE: A few photos of my girls. - davidd - 01-07-2018

Red hair (in bangs!), silver eyes, and a steampunk-inspired costume... I think I'm in love!!!!! Cute pics of an über-cute figure! Congratulations on receiving such a wonderful present!

RE: A few photos of my girls. - Alliecat - 01-08-2018

Aw, she is cute! Congrats and happy belated birthday smile