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Melissa's MIOs - Melissa - 11-19-2016

I am not the greatest artist but I love looking at pictures of customs and I finally decided after watching some YouTube videos to try customizing MIOs. The first MIO kit I got was actually for my friend to do a custom for me but she convinced me that I could also do one myself, and I actually ended up buying 4 more MIO kits for myself (2 are WIP, 1 still untouched in the box for now).

I finished this faceup first but was waiting for my eyechip order to come in from Lullaby for Dolls and they came today, so here's my first finished MIO (no name yet). Her wig is Leeke World LR-078, purchased from Denver Doll which is conveniently 5 minutes away from my work.

Anyway, here she is...
[Image: 5D8830DE-DF4D-4CDB-BB2A-750DA2913FAA_zpsjkv0skxy.jpg]

I can add more pictures once there's daylight again, the lighting in my house is so bad. yay

Update: Title change so I can post some new photos.

RE: My first MIO - enofelli - 11-19-2016

She's very cute, love her blushy cheeks

RE: My first MIO - renlee83 - 11-19-2016

Beautiful work. Love her full lips. smile

RE: My first MIO - Offgenemi - 11-19-2016

She is very cute smile I like her eye make up and you found her the perfect wig smile I like how you did the lips, it is kind of Unique and very pretty

RE: My first MIO - Melissa - 11-20-2016

Thank you all! As someone with very full lips (I was sometimes even made fun of for it), I think I tend to focus on lips, lol.

RE: My first MIO - Alliecat - 11-20-2016

Congrats on doing your first faceup! It's great that your friend convinced you to try it yourself. Hope you enjoy finishing the rest of them! smile

RE: My first MIO - Cornflower Blue - 11-20-2016

It's kind of addictive making your own doll.

RE: My first MIO - ladywindsor - 11-20-2016

I am glad you have a friend that encouraged you to take the challenge and do a face up.

You did a wonderful job!

Can't wait to see your others!

RE: My first MIO - Melissa - 11-20-2016

I just wish she would tell me her name! I'm making a dress for her and I think I've found her style but she still doesn't have a name.

[Image: 6AF918CE-06F2-4D60-A033-1A296A897C38_zps8cvo0ibr.jpg]

RE: My first MIO - Alliecat - 11-21-2016

('s TV night with PBS... LOL )

RE: My first MIO - Tenko - 11-24-2016

Her make up's pretty and I like how her warm colored hair, eyebrows, and lips contrast with her shiny, cool colored eyes.

I had to look Delmeza up. I see what you mean.

RE: My first MIO - CaroX - 11-28-2016

She is amazing! I LOVE her eyes!!
If I can ever get my hands on a MIO kit that's not too expensive,
I might try it too, though I don't have that much confidence in my face up skills... :/

RE: My first MIO - it's a secret - 12-01-2016

Ooh, not bad, really! She's unique I like her and I'm in love with these wonderful eyes!

RE: My first MIO - MapleLeaf - 12-01-2016

She's very cute! Love her eyes and her beautiful long hair!

RE: Melissa's MIOs - Melissa - 01-19-2017

Since posting Lilly (the name I decided on for my red-headed MIO), I have completed 2 more MIOs plus I just got another yesterday from my friend Merc.

[Image: 0E50E428-2D30-4E76-A32C-470758D26CBF_zpsa85wisey.jpg]
(Since Photobucket doesn't seem to want to honor my image edits, they are L to R: Mandy, Lilly, Katya, Dylan)
Mandy was made by Merc and the others were made by me. All have Leekeworld wigs. Mandy and Lilly have eye chips from Lullaby for Dolls, Katya and Dylan have eye chips from ShortyBoo.

I'm so in love with Mandy! She's fantastic. My crappy cell phone pics do not do her justice, I'll have to find my real camera some time for better pics.
[Image: C893BC4E-D839-4509-9506-9B22259DB7E6_zps14y3qpev.jpg]

[Image: 810983B4-F11B-4F6B-97C0-710C7255D8F9_zpslakb2gdg.jpg]