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Melissa's Feedback - Melissa - 11-29-2016

Please post feedback for me here!

Summary as of 4/21/2018
Positive: 10 (6 Seller, 2 Trade, 2 Buyer)
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

RE: Melissa's Feedback - Merc - 12-07-2016

+1 seller:
I bought Isul Helios from Melissa and it all went wonderfully!

+1 seller:
purchased Regeneration Moon, Peter Pan and Pearl Earring. All were packed wonderfully, shipped quickly and communication was excellent during the entire transaction! smile

RE: Melissa's Feedback - ShortyBoo - 12-08-2016

+1 seller: Melissa picked up Dal Kanta for me. Communication was good and the doll was packaged nicely.

RE: Melissa's Feedback - Kyubi09 - 12-14-2016

+ 1 Trade: Great communication, pleasant to work with, and doll arrived in great time and good condition. Would trade with again.

RE: Melissa's Feedback - fishy - 01-10-2017

+2 for selling me two beautiful TM dolls (Isul Souji Okita and Pullip Cinciallegra.) She was very understanding and even have me a great discount. Thanks a lot! smile

RE: Melissa's Feedback - MissMandyLynne - 01-19-2017

+1 for an awesome trade. Traded me a little Princi for a wig. Great communication through the entire transaction. smile

RE: Melissa's Feedback - *NatTheCat* - 01-22-2018

+1 as a buyer! I sold a wig, and communication was excellent and everything went great. Thank you so much! yay

RE: Melissa's Feedback - *NatTheCat* - 02-23-2018

+1 as a buyer - I sold another wig, and everything went great again. Thanks so much. yay

RE: Melissa's Feedback - KiraKira - 04-21-2018

+1 as a seller. I purchased Seiran's stock from her sales thread. Fast shipping and great communication. All in all, a flawless transaction. I'd definitely buy from her in a heartbeat.