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Peters First Outing - whimsu - 02-08-2017

Just thought I'd share some photos from my Peter Pans first outing. smile The weather is perfect for being outside these days! I'm still trying to think of a name for her.

Peter is a very special girl to me! I've wanted her for a very long time, since I first got into Pullips. She was my best friends first Pullip and I sort of fell in love with her through that. It's kind of unreal that I finally have her. smile It's not even that she's rare and pricey, I just kept putting her off and putting her off lol.

[Image: 32647173561_225de46815_z.jpg]

[Image: 32770730795_9710d84c32_z.jpg]

[Image: 32770724555_b4fb4ac963_z.jpg]

[Image: 32770729155_ded3b0dae0_z.jpg]

[Image: 32770726465_343304cba7_z.jpg]

[Image: 32770727935_a40364f17b_z.jpg]

RE: Peters First Outing - Alliecat - 02-08-2017

Cute photos smile Isn't she great -- she's so versatile; she can do "cutesy" as well as sophisticated, so many different looks with just her stock wig and eyes. Cheers for finally getting her. I see she has already stolen someone else's boots wink

RE: Peters First Outing - whimsu - 02-08-2017

@Alliecat, I don't plan on changing her stock wig & chips for that reason! I love them so much as they are. But.. unfortunately for my wallet, I do want a second one that I CAN customize. Tongue They'd be my first set of twins! But..for now I'll enjoy Peter. smile And hahaha yes, she snatched them rather quickly. wink

RE: Peters First Outing - DeadlyNova - 02-08-2017

Very cute!! I love those last two photos the most!

RE: Peters First Outing - Offgenemi - 02-08-2017

You take beautiful photos! She looks wonderful in this dress. Orange is her color.

RE: Peters First Outing - Cornflower Blue - 02-08-2017

She looks like she's settling in nicely! That dress is adorable on her and I'm sure she's enjoying all the attention.

RE: Peters First Outing - MapleLeaf - 02-09-2017

She's very cute! I think the dress she's wearing is so perfect for her sweet personality. Playful little girl. Happy

RE: Peters First Outing - whimsu - 02-09-2017

Thank you so much everyone! <3
I'm definitely thinking orange is her color.
CB, she is for sure settling in. smile Thanks so much for letting her come live with me!

RE: Peters First Outing - redrenard - 02-09-2017

She is looking super cute whimsu. Love the first pic best. She looks like she is actually walking, great pic.

RE: Peters First Outing - GreysPrincess - 02-09-2017

Looks like fun! I'm loving that dress!