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RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Lejays17 - 02-04-2018

Love the unicorns matching the LOL's - such a cool idea

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Berrybyul - 02-06-2018

Day 34 (November 3rd) A pixel figure of Link!

Day 35(November 4th) Monster High Fawntine Fallowheart!

Day 36(November 5th) Princess Minty Once again, but I painted her some glass eye chips! It was my first experience removing the head from a pullip line doll to Sweatdrop
getting the wig off was terrifying, also i might post another pic another day but her eyebrows are actually really cute!

Sorry i'm late, but life Tongue hope you enjoy none the less! Oh I've also started working on a custom blythe! (my coolcat supplies finally came in!)

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - davidd - 02-06-2018

Nice catch-up day! That "Pixel Link" figure is kinda cool! 8 bits of awesome!

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Berrybyul - 02-08-2018

Day 37th & 38th (nov. 6&7th)
Calico critters pickleweed hedgehog twins !


RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Cornflower Blue - 02-08-2018

Aw, they're adorable! I'd love to collect them, but I don't need another collection.

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - davidd - 02-08-2018

These little hedgehogs are really cute! I haven't seen any Calico Critters / Sylvanian Families figures in a while. Many of their accessories were the right scale for Pinky:st figures.

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Miss Edith - 02-08-2018

all of your recent photos are pretty and/or cute, especially the hedgehogs smile

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Lejays17 - 02-09-2018

The hedgehog are so cute!

I'm working up the courage to modify one of my dolls - I want to rebody her - but I'm terrified to remove her wig & maybe wreck her.
Looking forward to seeing your custom when you do her

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Alliecat - 02-09-2018

The hedgehogs are sweet! Yeah, agree, removing wigs can be scary.
Also interested to see how your Blythe turns out.

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - DeadlyNova - 02-09-2018

They're so cute!

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Offgenemi - 02-13-2018

Hedgehogs are the cutest!!!!

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - GreysPrincess - 02-13-2018

Such cuteness!

RE: BerryByul's Doll a day 2018 - Berrybyul - 02-14-2018

Hey guys! Sorry for lateness, but i think im gonna change this up to doll a week for abit, way to many things going on. Thank you all for being so understanding and such a great community! You're all so wonderful smile

Here's a little update to my blythe custom, im slowly carving her face and this is what i have drawn out smile I'm also considering sculpting some horns for her! If they end up good, and if anyone has an interest, i may do some commisions for them too!
Custom plan

And re chipped princess pinky!
i dont know why princess PINKY wouldnt have pink eyechips but
I got these chips from sugar lattice, they are glass, but sadly they came in 12mm not 13mm like the site said :S so they're a tad small, had to use a touch of glue because they kept falling out but, i like them!


RE: BerryByul's Doll a WEEK 2018 - DeadlyNova - 02-14-2018

I can't wait to see your Blythe when she's done, and Princess Pinky looks adorable with her pink chips!

RE: BerryByul's Doll a WEEK 2018 - davidd - 02-14-2018

I like the elaborate costume of your Princess Pinky!

And I understand about switching to A Doll A Week for a while.