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Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Lejays17 - 01-07-2018

Hi All,

Jumping onto the challenge bandwagon for this year. I did a doll-a-day last year for another forum, and it was exhausting by the end trying to think of ideas! (I resorted to a lot of @davidd's "doll stuffed in a corner" photos at times)

But I can do a doll-a-week challenge, and it means that I can keep up with my photo-taking, as I'd hate to get out of the habit after last year.

Week 1 - Beatrice wanted to be pilot ever since she was given her first toy plane.
[Image: b9f64b40e9583415a7fb0965cf745501.jpg]

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Miss Edith - 01-07-2018

Yay, another addition smile Beatrice is beautiful & that plane is adorable.

I wonder if DeadlyNova expected the amount of joining in her wonderful task has inspired grin

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - davidd - 01-07-2018

I love the miniature tin toy airplane! And I quite love Pullip Amelia! This is a wonderful picture with which to embark on the Doll A Week project!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - DeadlyNova - 01-08-2018

(01-07-2018, 04:36 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: I wonder if DeadlyNova expected the amount of joining in her wonderful task has inspired grin

Definitely not. xD

This photo is SO cute!! I love her little plane!!!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Alliecat - 01-08-2018

Yay -- lots of room on the bandwagon grin
That's such a cute portrait, and I really like the little plane too.
I couldn't do a doll a day, and am very impressed by those of you who have, or are going to. That is really a lot of photos! So I can imagine you'll find a weekly pace much easier!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - GreysPrincess - 01-08-2018

Yay, good luck! Love the first photo!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Offgenemi - 01-13-2018

Cool! I love your dolly family smile hello Amelia , her airplane is adorable

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Cornflower Blue - 01-13-2018

The more the merrier! Gotta love another bunny pilot!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - renlee83 - 01-14-2018

I love the airplane and her goggles on. She is ready for flight. Very cute!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Lejays17 - 01-14-2018

The little plane was bought on a whim last week when I dropped into the Doll House shop to look for furniture. The furniture is all too small (which I thought it would be), but they had lots of little props & toys which are a perfect size. There was a little bowl of the tin planes and I thought of Bea immediately when I saw them.

This week's shot - Ashli enjoyed some time in the sun (please excuse the flyaways - it was rather breezy when i was out, and I couldn't keep everything flat).

[Image: 0f03308103c8b868804dd974b52dfc4a.jpg]

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Alliecat - 01-14-2018

Aaahhh, sunshine... she looks so bright and cheerful and ... sunny! grin
And wow, you have a doll furniture shop you can go to!!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - davidd - 01-14-2018

I love her golden braids! Those blue eyes, too! (Is Ashli a LaLa?)

This time of year, any sunshine photo is a wonderful thing!

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Lejays17 - 01-14-2018

Yes, the Doll House shop is quite the institution here. Chris's dad used to make doll-houses as a hobby, and he would sell them through her shop, as well as buying supplies from her.

It was a lovely sunny day here, but "cold" for this time of year. This time last week, we went swimming during the day, and then went & hid-out in the aircon upstairs all afternoon (it was 40C, around 100F), but today it was about half that.

Ashli is an Arietta - her braids & crimped hair is wonderful. The only issue I've had is that her right arm falls out of it's socket if I'm not careful sad

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - DeadlyNova - 01-14-2018

She's so cute! I've always loved Arietta, but a lot of people don't seem to get her charm. She's one of the dolls I always wanted but never got for some reason.

And a dollhouse shop sounds wonderful. <3

RE: Lejays17 Doll-a-Week - Miss Edith - 01-14-2018

your Ashli is beautiful and I love her overalls !

Yep today is wonderful weather, southerly wind (my saviour in summer) & in the early 20 degrees. I know that heat will be back but at least I can start counting down the # of expected "melty hot" days for this summer. I always count the days to the end of February. After that an over 40 stinker is very rare.