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Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 01-08-2018

I started out the resolutions thread saying I was going to do this and it took me until now to get around to it... no big deal, right? It's still the first week so we're good, yeah? LOL

Starting out with Ellington, my newest guy I got from dxgirly.

[Image: 24699626717_6fb9e19af3_z.jpg]

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - davidd - 01-08-2018

It's still the first week, so you're good! ;-)

(Actually, I suppose the project, either weekly or daily, can be started at any time, and then you simply carry on for a year from your start date. But it's easier to start at the beginning of a calendar year.)

What a great photo with which to start your A Doll A Week project! I love the flowing hair!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Alliecat - 01-08-2018

Yay! Great to see so much activity here.
I'd like his hair on ME!! Good luck with your resolution! grin

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - DeadlyNova - 01-08-2018

Aaah, his hair! So majestic! It's beautiful!

This photo is so cute! <3

Looking forward to everything else you post!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Miss Edith - 01-08-2018

great hair AND taste in food .. he may be the perfect guy grin

Welcome to the challenge. It's great to see so many people, the more the merrier

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 01-09-2018

Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun messing with his hair for this; glad it’s a hit!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - dargosmydaddy - 01-09-2018

He's gorgeous!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Cornflower Blue - 01-09-2018

Dat hair! It gives him a feeling of movement, like he's turning suddenly and flipping his hair.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Offgenemi - 01-10-2018

He is very handsome! I agree with everyone about the thick long hair smile

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - Lejays17 - 01-14-2018

Love the sushi plate. And am very jealous of his lovely hair.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - fishy - 01-15-2018

Cool! smile

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - renlee83 - 01-15-2018

Really like Eder like this. Very cute photo.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - GreysPrincess - 01-22-2018

Soooo it only took me to week two to fail on this. Whoops. Forgot I had to be out of town last weekend until it was too late. To make up for it, here’s two pics for this week.

[Image: JDBqvI4.jpg]

I bought Antibug as an add-on item from Amazon to complete my Miraculous Ladybug signatures collection a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, her leg broke in two a minute after I deboxed her, but I kinda just wrote it off because I got her for really cheap. Then I ended up needing to do another Amazon order and her price had dropped even further so I bought a replacement. Couldn’t resist staging a fight between the two of them.

[Image: y6cu1Bh.jpg]

I really hadn’t bonded with Shogo since getting her. I’d basically just put her directly on the display shelf and done nothing else with her. I decided trying a new look for her might help. I think Noir’s wig is pretty cute on her! The “house” is a storage box of my roommates’.

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - DeadlyNova - 01-22-2018

I didn't know they made an Antibug doll! I got Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Marinette and Adrien when they all came out, and managed to find the very last Chloe my Target ever had on sale when they stopped carrying Ladybug stuff, but I had no clue they made Antibug at all. I might get her sometime because she's one of my favorite Miraculous villains, aesthetically.

Love the photo! Very cute!

Shogo looks adorable in this wig, and I love her cute confident pose here!

RE: Greys' Doll A Week - davidd - 01-22-2018

Epic dopplegänger battle, I love it! That's worth waiting an extra week to see!