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A Dolly Holiday! - Lejays17 - 05-06-2018

I had a lovely time on holidays a few weeks ago, and so did Evie & Meredith smile

I'll split over a couple of posts so it doesn't get bogged-down.


Meredith Packed light - a sundress & a pair of bathers
[Image: c48b5e5d88622e960fd504de17fb25b0.jpg]

Evie packed for all occasions
[Image: db9f28492d97e2dea96366cc4df77d65.jpg]

Too Many Clothes!
[Image: 3d5cd6d310be04e88ca9fe4c7f889f77.jpg]

We've Arrived!
[Image: 4b33e884a010cc6ddfee44f8cfb55882.jpg]

Our Room
[Image: 86947fe40926b38d17d2ab694ef75f29.jpg]

(some notes on the photos - Meredith's bag is a Bratz suitcase, Evie's is a stationery set I got from Hogwarts in Florida a few years ago. I made the yellow swimsuit from a Barbie patterns, and the glasses are from a Journey Girls set I got)

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - neon_jellyfish - 05-06-2018

So cute! I see Evie and I share the same style of packing xd

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - Lejays17 - 05-06-2018

A Day Trip!

Evie & Meredith travelled on the Skyrail to Kuranda (it's covered gondolas) up the mountain and over the river
[Image: ca7a8742bead8e2bfde65a35853e74aa.jpg]

[Image: 35199dc5f4da4dd16db3ed22da95cc7b.jpg]

Another Day Trip!

Enjoying the Forest
[Image: 8dbe8661843d06aadbcb09638366d74e.jpg]

Spotted something in the water
[Image: c143f7baba00abb6d59726bd434011b2.jpg]

Comparing Notes on the trip
[Image: c131ae73b2284f9c9a89cd0632a3615d.jpg]

A Secret Path to the river
[Image: cfeb3acf617564831aca436200c69a58.jpg]

Tired after a long day...
[Image: 43a954467e5dcbcb9f3bc9d21b16a48b.jpg]

A Day At the Beach
(Chris did the words for this section Happy)

Choose a hat already Meredith! We’re wasting valuable ray time here!
[Image: 52b9a13c2c97c2879f2008adcaadcc38.jpg]

This beach is absolutely adorable, Evie. We should go on holiday more often.
[Image: 188246792b78d2e12144f166e862d052.jpg]
[Image: 4100295fa6109295dd0841c6079dbde4.jpg]

What a positively ginormous shell! I wonder if I can fit it in my suitcase?
[Image: c84dc4c9d3b0cb37e2c1266e2a8ce103.jpg]
[Image: 9abc55dc22a270f3dad80420b108e269.jpg]

Ahhhh…just me, a nice flat rock, a good vantage point and plenty of sun.
[Image: 83df71a1af565cef696a7bfe29d721da.jpg]
[Image: 9c47a8704b7ed2aa336d72e79da99f00.jpg]

Evie! Come and help me build a sandcastle!
[Image: 87bafac2aec4475ead4039ea19fb9046.jpg]

Someone said you could find turtles at this beach…OMG! There’s a turtle, right there near the water, sooooo cute!
[Image: 46580c9b642c2cad49a1a8154768af22.jpg]

It's so exhausting lazing by the pool for the day
[Image: b1ea091a6728cd325de46d3cb700af33.jpg]

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - davidd - 05-06-2018

The sand is so white, I thought at first it was snow!
Oh My

I love the forest hiking photos, especially the one where she's heading down the trail wearing her backpack.
Heart 2

Considering where she lives, whatever she spotted in the water is probably something dangerous, hostile, or venomous.

Kuranda! Oh, you're traveling way up north, aren't you?

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - neon_jellyfish - 05-06-2018

These are just wonderful! I love every single one of them! And I need to go on holiday involving a lot of beach time and dolly photos...

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - GreysPrincess - 05-06-2018

Such pretty pictures! I tend to bring a doll or two with me when I travel but then I can never get up the nerve to take them out for pictures. sad

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - dargosmydaddy - 05-07-2018

Adorable! They look like they had a wonderful time smile

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - Alliecat - 05-07-2018

These were so fun to look through. The packing photos made me laugh, and the one of them crashed out after their long day. Love all your little props, and the photos standing in the water. And what lovely scenery too. I'm also intrigued by your very white sand. Coral, I guess?, whereas ours is rock-derived. Glad you had a good time and got so many fun photos along the way!

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - Miss Edith - 05-07-2018

I love your photos <3 The girls pose beautifully & are naturals as muses grin I love the crashed out one after a long day, finding the ginormous shell, comparing notes .. all of them, in fact.

Until I read your comments about the sand I had never thought about it. That's just the colour sand is :O Looking again I guess it is white, I love looking at beaches but I have never been a beach person. Burnt to a crisp, sand in your undies, a million people (I'm talking Sydney beaches here straight ) & I can't swim out of my depth so I can't even cool off properly LOL I've always been a swimming pool girl.

But, swimming pools don't have that scenery around them. Love the sky ride, I have done that often at Katoomba. I'm so glad you had a great time smile

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - Lejays17 - 05-07-2018

Thanks for all the nice words everyone!

Davidd - yes, we were in the Far North, specifically we stayed in Port Douglas, which is an hours drive "up" from Cairns.
smile Evie was pointing at the waterfall, and all the people swimming in the river. We were sensible & stayed on the shore.

Greys - we don't generally take them out if lots of people are around. So the beach photos were taken before 7am one morning (the pool opened for swimming then) and we did have a couple of other guests watching us from their balcony.

All - the beach was actually a part of the hotel we were staying in, so it wasn't "real" as such. The sand was really fine & probably treated to be as white as it was. I'll put in a photo of the view from our balcony so people can see what I mean.

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - rubyperidot - 05-07-2018

(05-06-2018, 10:28 PM)GreysPrincess Wrote: Such pretty pictures! I tend to bring a doll or two with me when I travel but then I can never get up the nerve to take them out for pictures. sad

It's really good fun if you get the courage to do it. I try to take a small doll out with me when I drag myself out for a walk and I've been really pleased with the photos, although I did go out last week but the river path was so overgrown with nettles and brambles that I didn't get many photos at all, never mind ones with the doll who was accompanying me. sad

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - Offgenemi - 05-08-2018

They must be exhausted ! What a trip! It is so cute. Thank you for sharing and diligently taking their photos! I love the one where she stands in water with a bucket. I would be super anxious to take that photo but you did a great job

RE: A Dolly Holiday! - Cornflower Blue - 05-09-2018

What a fun set of photos and vacation!