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Delivery New Clothes - Duaxeallowed - 05-29-2018

So had a delivery this morning with some new outfits so naturally
My girls couldn't wait to try them on

RE: Delivery New Clothes - Alliecat - 05-30-2018

Yay for dolly mail. I like Francesca's pants. Your girls look ready to hit the runway.

RE: Delivery New Clothes - renlee83 - 05-30-2018

What a fun group! Always ready for a good laugh and a good time. smile

RE: Delivery New Clothes - Lejays17 - 05-30-2018

Love the yellow overalls on Tammy.

A great collection of new clothes for the ladies

RE: Delivery New Clothes - MapleLeaf - 05-31-2018

Great outfits! Your girls look lovely! Happy

RE: Delivery New Clothes - Duaxeallowed - 05-31-2018

Thanks guys
I have had so much fun lately with my girls
Can't believe I left the Pullip Family in the first place ! Just the best dolls to hang with!