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Meet Everly - betsy - 08-10-2018

My first Isul! He's a MIO, and finally finished after a few hiccups. Heart
He's also borrowing Tipper's clothes until I can get him his own.

[Image: 30087003178_7aa5285d25_z.jpg]

[Image: 43237056024_b042186c6c_z.jpg]

[Image: 43955624421_1052d9b2e3_z.jpg]

[Image: 43237057044_f5c3be0b4f_z.jpg]

[Image: 43237057394_ff620c1cc7_z.jpg]

RE: Meet Everly - DeadlyNova - 08-10-2018

He's adorable!!! <3

RE: Meet Everly - Alliecat - 08-10-2018

Wow, you did a terrific job -- especially on those eyebrows! They're great.
Nice setting for photos too.

RE: Meet Everly - dargosmydaddy - 08-10-2018

Oh my gosh, he's adorable! And I love his wig.

RE: Meet Everly - betsy - 08-10-2018

Thank you all!!

The eyebrows are my favourite part to do, haha.

RE: Meet Everly - Cornflower Blue - 08-10-2018

He looks awesome! I envy your eyebrow technique.

RE: Meet Everly - neon_jellyfish - 08-10-2018

He's perfect!

RE: Meet Everly - betsy - 08-11-2018

Thank you both!! <3

RE: Meet Everly - CreamPop - 08-11-2018

He's very cute and I love his faceup! Congrats on your new boy! smile