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Introducing Nyxie - Lejays17 - 08-26-2018

I have started down the slippery slope of customized dolls SweatdropSweatdrop

This is Nyxie, a mocha mio from dxgirly designs.

She is a water-spirit, and the sister to Shala. I need to get her some different outfits, more in keeping with what I imagine her personality & background to be, so I'm swapping her stuff around at the moment.

[Image: 7803f9139ceb42e4531aff5e34848ec4.jpg]
Just Arrived!

[Image: c93c24ebb9b9e403aa8aff37774d3797.jpg]
So close to the water

[Image: f903c6dfd47c74e21eddcc4c17b96795.jpg]
Over There! Did you see the fish??

[Image: b0afe71eb70381e797ced6432abb4ce4.jpg]
New Dress

[Image: 5c6fd543c7e57fd53de47df87d76ba20.jpg]
in Scarlet's stock

[Image: 8143f217c045f419f75ce3da0cc61063.jpg]
Circus Girls!

[Image: 21cbbeca27155898dcdf457e70796935.jpg]
With her sister

[Image: f03c825946a3c0526188ef5811528c93.jpg]
Sharing the cloak smile

RE: Introducing Nyxie - dargosmydaddy - 08-27-2018

She's lovely. I really like her in the white dress in the middle picture.

RE: Introducing Nyxie - betsy - 08-27-2018

Seconded on the white dress.

She has such a sweet, expressive face! And looks great with Nahh-Ato.

RE: Introducing Nyxie - PollyPut the KettleOn - 08-27-2018

Great custom. There’s something unique about her expression. Nice photo shoot, I especially like the photo looking over the water.

RE: Introducing Nyxie - davidd - 08-27-2018

LOLLOLLOL You are so brave, posing your first custom doll against a rickety wooden railing above a swamp! She's even standing on her own, without a stand! In fact, considering where you live, it's probably a swamp full of crocodiles!

I wonder which would have been a more awful fate, tumbling backwards into the murky, croc-infested water, or pitching forward and face-planting with a hideous plastic "CRACK" onto the deck?

But it appears she, and you, survived your first outing together. I'm truly impressed to see that you are not going to 'baby' your custom, but that she gets to have real world adventures with the other girls!

Congratulations on your new acquisition!

The fun series of photos were worth the risk!

RE: Introducing Nyxie - Alliecat - 08-27-2018

She's cute -- congrats on your new addition. DXGirly is making some nice customs. I like her subtle faceup, love the greeeen eyes, and I always like dolls with blue hair. Looks like a fun shoot. Those flowers look like our dogwoods. And, another vote for the white dress.

RE: Introducing Nyxie - Cornflower Blue - 08-27-2018

She has a very soft, natural faceup. She also looks very nice in everything you've dressed her in.

RE: Introducing Nyxie - GreysPrincess - 08-27-2018

Dxgirly does such pretty customs! I’m hoping to get one someday! Nyxie is lovely; I love her wig!

RE: Introducing Nyxie - Offgenemi - 08-29-2018

she is adorable! i love the way she styled this doll. congratulations!

RE: Introducing Nyxie - neon_jellyfish - 08-29-2018

She's wonderful!

RE: Introducing Nyxie - toylockette - 08-29-2018

beautiful!! I love that hair *_*

RE: Introducing Nyxie - Lejays17 - 08-31-2018

Thanks all! I wasn't planning on going the custom-route, but I saw this one when she posted on IG, and thought she was just gorgeous (a few stock dolls have smacked me in the face with "take me home NOW!" and this custom did the same thing.)

the white dress is very pretty, I got it from a local-ish maker and Maeve was wearing it in one of the recent photo comps (the crafting one).

davidd smile :0 - the fence isn't nearly as rickety as it looks, it's just weathered (it's actually a platform to look out over the lake). And we were in far more danger of being swooped by magpies than being eaten by crocs at that lake (mostly cos it's too cold in Melbourne for the crocs to be happy lurking in the lake...)
Not all of my dolls travel distances to have photos taken - some are more "delicate" than others and I'm worried I'll lose their hands / feet / other bits. But Nyxie isn't suffering from delicacy, so she travels.

RE: Introducing Nyxie - davidd - 08-31-2018

(08-31-2018, 10:15 AM)Lejays17 Wrote: And we were in far more danger of being swooped by magpies....

Go, Collingwood! LOL yay xp

RE: Introducing Nyxie - Miss Edith - 08-31-2018

Lejays, your new girl was my favourite of dxgirly's last group of customs. I agree with the white dress being prettiest on her, but she looks lovely in everything. Congratulations smile I have a sister of hers at my place - one of Nikki's first customs makes her home with me. She is a beauty too.