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Wind, Debut limited edition - Kanrabat - 10-04-2018

Just the pictures, no rant!

[Image: MU7gMrZ.jpg]
[Image: nLXoiKt.jpg]
[Image: vd10zUv.jpg]
[Image: 9MoQgZ7.jpg]
[Image: J9ZRPpw.jpg]
[Image: YuPI44W.jpg]
[Image: mCPvMN7.jpg]
[Image: hl64jh5.jpg]
[Image: r75CkLw.jpg]
[Image: EZiUaUu.jpg]
[Image: cBZraHz.jpg]
[Image: ihj61zi.jpg]
[Image: 3ua1054.jpg]
[Image: rZvjCMr.jpg]
[Image: yLOISp9.jpg]
[Image: tBZWDt5.jpg]
[Image: iyepvcc.jpg]
[Image: 80osgdz.jpg]
[Image: JhaiZsp.jpg]
[Image: 3wOvofX.jpg]
[Image: whYpoZr.jpg]
[Image: eFD6GuC.jpg]
[Image: apOVTz2.jpg]
[Image: iUvyx9y.jpg]
[Image: JwoWG7g.jpg]
[Image: gapduLG.jpg]
[Image: ioK4mIS.jpg]
[Image: xzznqn5.jpg]
[Image: et36wTl.jpg]
[Image: LZ6PgPW.jpg]
[Image: pQfrYbI.jpg]
[Image: EXBgjT9.jpg]
[Image: CO11aUE.jpg]
[Image: IaHaIYj.jpg]
[Image: cnMGngJ.jpg]
[Image: 6aURoVg.jpg]
[Image: w34keuX.jpg]
[Image: yjQnyg7.jpg]
[Image: 6JDs4ce.jpg]
[Image: y1k2UbO.jpg]
[Image: QxqjVk8.jpg]