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Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Lejays17 - 04-26-2019

Finn was an excellent Easter Bunny, and left the eggs in the garden for the others to find.
[Image: b507efea13d76eb32ce92dc164da542a.jpg]

"No, these are mine - you'll have to find your own!"
[Image: 2543089f5cc681d33dc26c686824e93b.jpg]

"Shall we share this lot of eggs between us?"
[Image: 59bc74b3390ef9706df35983db3ca0cb.jpg]

Toni only collected the eggs that matched her outfit  LOL
[Image: 193f71d50f7179390d0374375501ee85.jpg]

More eggs for the bucket
[Image: 7c848fd9292cf603460f2ef6762513f6.jpg]

In the garden
[Image: d0861e5ac0ecc8f184d474993d222f60.jpg]

RE: Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Elfy - 04-26-2019

Defend those eggs, Finn!

RE: Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - neon_jellyfish - 04-26-2019

What a cute Easter adventure! Although I have to admit, Easter in the autumn garden does look somewhat surreal to me LOL

RE: Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Alliecat - 04-27-2019

So cute! It looks like a lovely setting for an Easter egg hunt. I like Toni adding her fashion sense to the adventure. And I know group shots take a lot of time to set up. Fun photos! smile

RE: Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - davidd - 04-27-2019

Such colorful photos! It looks like it was a lovely day for an Easter egg hunt!

I like seeing so many intricate steampunk costumes in a massive outdoor photo-shoot! This was an ambitious undertaking!

It is a bit odd thinking about Easter being during the season of the year that those of us in the Other Hemisphere usually associate with Hallowe'en.

(Okay... it's settled... as soon as my "hobby fund" is replenished, Steampunk Cheshire Cat moves to the top of the list! ((Watch her sell out right before I'm ready to click that button!)))

RE: Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Aijo - 05-01-2019

This is new take on Easter egg hunting. I've never seen a steampunk theme before in my life! It's really amazing really. Great photos; all of your dolls are well-dressed and look like they're having a good time!