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Round 67 Voting Thread - KiraKira - 07-23-2019

You are currently browsing the voting thread for Round 67. The theme for this round was Duel  and this theme was chosen by **NatTheCat** & Alliecat, our Round 66 victors.  
Please cast your vote for your favorite from the following four entries, in reverse alphabetical order of the username.  Voting closes on June 27. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period will get to choose the theme of the next round.
Here are the entries:
Knitting Needles at 12 Paces! by LeJays17
[Image: 5137ea61dbc75f4136c38a21be418f04.jpg] 

Dark Riding Hood vs. Carnivac by Kanrabat
[Image: N9lwQcG.jpg]

Jousting - Modern Style by Elfy
[Image: cd70fd2a2cc07dbf99855532401758ba.jpg]

Pirate Queens’ Duel by Alliecat*

[Image: 48319760897_6e0f029285.jpg]

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Cornflower Blue - 07-23-2019

All great takes on the theme! It's hard to choose just one.

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - davidd - 07-23-2019

Action-packed entries, and very colorful, too!

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Elfy - 07-23-2019

These dolls play for keeps!

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Lejays17 - 07-23-2019

Everyone’s photos are so much fun.

Hard to pick one!

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Kanrabat - 07-25-2019

I can already see the winner, if my eye is right.

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - *NatTheCat* - 07-28-2019

I agree, these entries are all neat! :3
The lighting in "Pirate Queens'" duel is gorgeous - well, and I like pirates. xp.
"Jousting - Modern Style" is hilarious. LOL. (Your Rei has an epic scooter, by the way! May I ask where you got it, Elfy?)

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Elfy - 07-28-2019

We bought that scooter at a craft market they held as a fundraiser for a local sports club. They knocked money off the price, too, so we got it for $10!

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - *NatTheCat* - 07-28-2019

Wow, that was a great deal! :3

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - KiraKira - 07-31-2019

Congratulations, Elfy! You've won this round. Please think of a theme for the next challenge, and send me a PM when you're ready. grin

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Kanrabat - 07-31-2019

I expected Alliecat to win, but congrats Elfy!

Next time, revenge shall be mine!.. maybe... someday....

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Alliecat - 07-31-2019

Congrats, Elfy smile That was hilarious. I particularly like the pose of the girl on the left; she looks like she's really got the hang of this jousting thing. Your and Lejays' crew are a force to be reckoned with, with their knitting needles LOL

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Lejays17 - 07-31-2019

Congrats Elfy - I thought it was going to be another draw until the last minute!

Alliecat - we have round the knitting needles are very useful in all sorts of ways that don’t involve knitting LOL

I loved the lighting & angles with your shot - it looks like a still from a film poster.

RE: Round 67 Voting Thread - Elfy - 07-31-2019

Wow! Flattered to win in a month that featured so many great shots and ideas for the theme. I’ll try to come up with a good one and send it to KiraKira. Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who voted.