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RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - dargosmydaddy - 12-06-2020

I am horrible envisioning the scale of anything, so that line-up was quite informative!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 12-07-2020

Thank you very much, everyone!

Posting from my parents' place again. I should, hopefully, be able to post normally tomorrow (unless something is broken and needs replacing, but I hope that's not the case).

Day 340 (yesterday):

Kitty, also kinda neonized.

[Image: 65efd2df498c917adc43dee9daa28da0.jpg]

Day 341 (today):

Maddies bein' all mad here.

[Image: 9bc0a3292f68ea603711ed15766ac2c1.jpg]

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Loona - 12-07-2020

The neon treatment suits Kitty just fine - and that is a lovely photo, and its all-purple awesomeness has just re-tickled my interest in Kitty. I owned her twice already (once this version, once another - the book version IIRC), but she moved on both times, because for some reason we never bonded. I don't really know why, I usually love all things purple. I'd likely pick her up a third time again if I came across her, but I'll probably not go and seek her out actively.

I love how you posed the two Maddies! They seem to be having fun smile Out of these two I have GF Maddie - while EAH never really managed to get to me as much as MH did, and I only own a few of these dolls* the Getting Fairest line really resonated with me, and I have 3 out of the 4 girls who were part of the line (Maddie, Apple and Raven).

*weirdly, it was the (not-so-much of a fan favourite due to the new head molds**) Epic Winter line that I came to love the most, and I have all 5 main dolls from this line. Ashlynn was the last one I found - and she comes from your city! I found her while on a trip to Prague last year! smile

**and molded-on tights. I am also not a fan of this feature, so my 4 girls who were affected (Blondie weirdly but luckily has normal legs) have been body-swapped.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 12-07-2020

Kitty looks quite giddy wink and blissful. What's her secret?? LOL
The Maddies' pose is fun.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 12-07-2020

We have a couple of Maddies, as far as we’re concerned they’re sisters.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 12-07-2020

Kitty and the Maddies are all so lovely!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 12-08-2020

Thank you very much, everyone!!!

Crazy day, too much wind, I think my left hemisphere is trying to form an independent head, but! I HAVE A WORKING INTERNET CONNECTION AGAIN!!! I'm so happy, I should change my username to ne-online_jellyfish.

Here's another sick shelfie, I might be posting similarly crappy photos for the rest of the week.

Day 342

[Image: bfb45ab6c8c9bebae992e4648e2d339b.jpg]

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Loona - 12-08-2020

Happy to hear you got your internet back! The comment about the username change cracked me up grin
It's always lovely to see Rochelle, the shadowy photo suits her well smile

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 12-08-2020

Kitty & the Maddie are always great to see. Your Maddies are always so cheerful & full of line.

Yay for the working internet again! Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Spooky Rochelle looks amazing as always.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 12-08-2020

Glad you got your internet back. Booo for the migraine; hope it doesn't destroy your whole week.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 12-08-2020

Yay for a working net connection!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 12-08-2020

Yay for working net.

Also your shelfies still show off how gorgeous the dolls are.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 12-08-2020

Thank you very much, everyone!

The migraines seem to be on decline, so hopefully it will stay that way.

Day who-knows-what and doodle no. I-haven't-the-foggiest

Day 343

ADAW #49
More weird sheep.

[Image: edef5e7f0df38b19c198b1dd80c4aeca.jpg]

[Image: 6504cd863e74f82fd78d3c658d54871b.jpg]

My phone had problems with this one. The green sheep is pastel green with grassy green lines, not this olive / deep forest green combo that shows on my monitor.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Loona - 12-09-2020

I was about to say I really like Fluffy Motivational Sheep, but then I realised this isn't the same guy as the one we saw last time. The comment still applies - just, in this case, for both of them. A positive attitude, especially regarding appearance and apparel, is something that doesn't happen often enough. People should feel comfortable with how they look and what they wear.

Signature Blondie is beautiful! I like all Blondies (I have a soft spot for the character), but Sig's sweet lolita-esque dress and skirt is her best stock IMO. Have you bought her locally? I'm just asking because she also has the front-rooted bangs the ones that we had here in Hungary came with. There was antoher version of her with middle-rooted, fanned out bangs that I have never seen for sale here.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 12-09-2020

Horn-tlers!   LOL

Actually, Green Sheep looks quite bright and pastel green with "grass green" outlines on my monitor. And very cute! Perhaps it is time for a calibration for your monitor.