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RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 02-23-2020

Ooh, thanks for letting me know! I will need to jump on there on the day!

DT Cleo is a stunning version of Cleo.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - dargosmydaddy - 02-23-2020

That is a gorgeous shot!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 02-23-2020

Oh, that’s a gorgeous portrait of Cleo. I like the richer colours in the original, as usual. Very cool atmospheric shot too!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 02-23-2020

Stunning profile shot.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 02-23-2020

Spectra looks wistful looking out over the garden/trees.

And Cleo has the best profile. Stunning as always.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 02-24-2020

Thank you for your kind comments!

Day 54

I wish OUAZ dolls were better quality. I think that better quality and distribution schemes could help with this line's constant dying. Although I guess it's kinda appropriate that a zombie-themed line died multiple times. I'm glad I have the ones I have, and I'd like to see more, but I'm not too bummed about it, there was a lot of blonde-ness going on with prototypes, and I'm only interested in having so many grey-skinned blonde zombies. I wish they added more hair colors and also skin tones, blue-ish and green-ish zombies could work well... But enough of this sulky palaver! Here's my Zombie Little Mermaid!

[Image: f16ea3ec9eba89b2c6a0aad46abdc084.jpg]

Original pic:

[Image: 22e6efa3fb40dfcf0767c7a01e6993d3.jpg]

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 02-24-2020

I do like the riffs this line made on classic fairy tales and like you I wish it had lasted a bit longer. She looks lovely there.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 02-24-2020

A lot of doll lines end up with too many blue eyed blondes.

And I love that it looks like she’s got a bite taken out of her middle.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 02-24-2020

Tendrils... or tentacles?!? Very cool Doodle Tuesday piece!

Love the B&W "sick day" pic!

Your Bratz Ashby is too cute! Yeah, I disliked the limited articulation initially, as well as pretty much everything else about Bratz, but I have come to appreciate them and now a couple of them are among my favorite dolls, ranking high on the list of "who would you save in a fire."

That version of Cleo is... I'm just gonna go with 'very pretty' for now. Lovely portrait.

"Sulky palaver!" I'm laughing so hard I can scarcely comment on the photo! Good to know that Old West jargon is alive and well in the European east!

I spotted this hanging on the wall at my dad's house this past week and thought of you:

[Image: february23c.jpg]

My dad visited Czechoslovakia, way back when it was still Czechoslovakia and still part of the Eastern Bloc. I don't know if this is from that visit or something more recent that somebody brought to him. 

(Online search tells me the Czech Athletics Federation is from the Czech Republic era, 1993 to present.)

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 02-24-2020

She looks quite intent on something out of the frame. Her hair is a neat colour.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 02-24-2020

Thank you very much, everyone!

Davidd - anything that is in English and only has 'Czech' and not 'Czechoslovak' on it, is from 1993 (when the country split in two) or later. As for the athletic federation, prior to Velvet Revolution, everything sport-related was under the control of Československý svaz tělesné výchovy a sportu, it didn't have official English translation, because English was the language of the imperialist, bourgeois, dissolute Evil that was running rampant outside of the Holy Soviet Union borders; but it would roughly translate as Czechoslovak Federation of Physical Education and Sport. National emblem from before the revolution looked different, too:

[Image: 150px-Coat_of_arms_of_Czechoslovak_Socia...ic.svg.png]

The two-tailed lion is Czech symbol (usually, he has crown, but it was removed during communism, because crown = monarchy = dissolute imperialist evil), the shield depicts the Kriváň ("The Crooked One") mountain to represent Slovakia, and the star and the 'golden flame of Revolution' (i.e. the socialist revolution) on Kriváň are there to make clear that everything abovementioned is the sole property of the Soviet Union.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 02-24-2020

Day fiftywhatagain? 55

My pocket-sized tropical paradise is having a bath day, so before putting them into tub, I took my beauties to the tent and had a fun photoshoot. In other words, this post is extremely image heavy!!!

[Image: 2631aebdd360fa19a513fce1f8590a01.jpg]

[Image: 62a20f788d0c68e1b74f04d360fc240a.jpg]

[Image: fd8b9c2a07906fbe4a0f89ac2ed3768a.jpg]

[Image: e2b52cb67d429cedafcc18a5c0fc840b.jpg]

[Image: 81342c4da60b50f20a795ccd7f62ec54.jpg]

[Image: 79831502b175724422464f63868cc52c.jpg]

[Image: 0dedcce533df87a74f244e4b03c84c5e.jpg]

[Image: 8be1d7b96dcdf3fafd46f84786657390.jpg]

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 02-24-2020

Oh these are all just so stunning. I love how at home Venus looks among the plants.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 02-25-2020

Thank you for the brief history of the Czech Athletics Federation and in particular the evolution of the Czech national symbol through the decades of changing political and social ideologies. That was quite fascinating! And you are quite a historical scholar!

You are also an impressive horticulturist! Those orchids! All blooming at once! In winter, no less!

This was, indeed, a fun photo shoot! And the processed version of the EOS pic is perfection perfected!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - dargosmydaddy - 02-25-2020

Oh, wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!