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RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 04-22-2020

What a terrific doodle. I think faces are so HARD to make the right shape -- profile or not!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 04-22-2020

What a spectacular portrait sketch! I love the detailing in the hair.

Okay, I love all the detailing in every aspect! Simply beautiful!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 04-22-2020

Wonderful portrait sketch.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 04-23-2020

Many thanks, everyone!

Day 113

Happy Earth Day! My bugleweeds are blooming! I'll take a better photo next time. I'm dead tired.

[Image: 2b4f0901d573ba9b9ccf65f35c0431f9.jpg]

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 04-23-2020

This is a lovely photo! There's something so calming about it all.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 04-23-2020

Cute Earth Day girl! Nice colours in the background.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 04-23-2020

She looks ready to play.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 04-23-2020

The portrait is great, I love the colours in it, and that she is matching the Zombie girl so well.

And lovely Earth Day girl, hurrah from flowering plants & the start of spring.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 04-23-2020

Thank you, guys!

Day 114

Happy World Book Day! This one is in fact international, unlike the UK-exclusive World Book Day that was earlier this year. In my first year of ADAD, I used Ghoulia as a model for this day, last year it was Iselle the Librarian, so after MH and Pullip bookworms, I wanted to show an EAH one this year.

But I don't seem to have one? Ever After High itself doesn't seem to have one, for that matter? Apple is very studious, but that's mostly because the fairest of them all needs the fairest grades to match her image, she doesn't seem to be introvert with love for reading. Dexter is generally nerdy, but again, not exactly the reading type. Darling reads a lot, but that's all for research she needs for other things. There was a line called Book Party, a budget line featuring Ginger, Kitty and Lizzie (and instead of giving them all glasses, they removed them from the one character who actually had them - Ginger), but there isn't anything in the canon that would show these characters as book enthusiasts. The EAH canon is a mess, with webisodes and books being separate things, and I haven't read the books, I only know the webisodes, but based on that, I don't think EAH has an 'introvert who loves reading' character. Maybe they all kinda love books, because they're fairytales, but no character seems to have a more profound bond with literature, aside from Giles Grimm, maybe, but being an old teacher, he never got a doll... This is so wrong.

So I chose what books I want to feature and then picked Cedar siggy, because she's cute and looks good with them.

[Image: ae554fe65abc654c79f43767b40a9698.jpg]

This is an absolutely wonderful line of books, they feature recipes, life hacks, and similar stuff from 19th to early 20th century (they're based on books for young wives from back then, my grandma has one somewhere). They're always called [insert topic] of Our Grandmothers or something similar (like Our Grandmothers' Christmas Recipes), and they're always full of vintage illustrations, like the ones you see on covers. There are several sub-lines, like cookbooks, books about gardening, etc. The books in the photo are from line about 'magic' stuff, like what talismans were believed to bring luck or protect from evil, what do dreams mean, zodiac, and various other silly-but-lovely superstitions.

I absolutely love these, I have quite a collection. They're bound rather tight, so sadly, I wasn't able to arrange one to stay open.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 04-23-2020

That’s such a fun line of books, we have similar ones here, mostly humorous versions.

I think Cedar looks so cute with the ones you’ve picked, they suit her quite well.

I think that Rosabella might be the bookish one, but that could just be my head-canon as she’s Belle’s daughter.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 04-23-2020

Oh this is a fantastic picture. Cedar looks so well with the books

Happy World Book Day

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 04-24-2020

I used to have one of those antique books of household advice. It had a wonderful title: Happy Homes and the Hearts that Make Them.

Your Cedar is adorable, and appears to have the happiest of happy hearts!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 04-24-2020

How nice to have things blooming for Earth Day! Cute.
What great little books! Those advice-for-young-wives books can be quite funny, but I have never seen "magic"-related ones! Sounds interesting. Show us some examples? smile

(04-23-2020, 08:58 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: They're bound rather tight, so sadly, I wasn't able to arrange one to stay open.
Have they been properly opened?
Won't necessarily help them prop open but it's good for preserving the spine of any book especially if it's tightly bound.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 04-24-2020

Thank you very much everyone!!!

Alliecat, no, they weren't properly opened! I'll try it out, but I think they won't want to stay open anyways, they're a small format but thick paper.

Day 115

Free at last!

[Image: e4f862064020f11e1607b4ced9d246bf.jpg]

After 38 days, the quarantine has been ended! I won't go into details, because I can't keep up with law vocabulary, but some lawyers filled out a complaint about some anti-covid measures not being constitutional, and the Supreme Court said that it's true and cancelled them, the free movement of persons has been restored and we can leave the country again! The govt didn't even protest, and they said that since the epidemy is fading out, shops and services can start re-opening sooner than previously planned. We still have some rules in place, like covering our faces, keeping distance from others, and the schools won't open normally for the rest of the school year (they will open for kids whose parents can't look after them the whole day, though), but for the most part, we're free again. 

I'm so relieved! I didn't have much hope this would happen, I ex²pected the Supreme Court to do what our Prime Minister wants, but they acted like an independent institution for once.

The state of emergency has been prolonged to April 30, so the govt can still do a lot of things they normally can't, our main crisis guy wants to stretch it over May, too, because he likes having power, but our Prime Minister doesn't like our main crisis guy, so it probably won't happen.


RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 04-24-2020

Congratulations on hearing that.

Frankie looks so joyful