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RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 04-24-2020

Looks very much like a diva pose there. Suits Frankie.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 04-25-2020

She looks so delighted with the news. Which is excellent to hear.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 04-25-2020

Wonderful photo and even more wonderful news!

So... the former Soviet bloc Eastern European country opens up sooner than the nation formerly known as "the land of the free and the home of the brave." At least the irony will keep me laughing as the noose grows tighter here.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 04-26-2020

Thanks guys!!!

Day 116

Alliecat asked about examples from the magic books, but I was feeling so ecstatic about lifted restrictions, I forgot to answer. These magic books aren't based on those old ones, they're just put together in the same fashion and gather superstitions and 'magic' habits people had back then, which were passed along by the word of mouth. It's the usual stuff about broken mirrors, black cats, garlic against vampires, various methods of future-husband-divination, wearing a key as a pendant to attract love, luck and wealth, stuff like that.

[Image: 882b5dfe122fb1091cb6dd6e616d7817.jpg]

This spread (please pardon the clothespin, I don't normally do this to my precious books, it's just for the photo) is about protecting oneself from witches and their evil spells. Apparently, if you stick a broomstick in the ground close to your front door, the witch won't get in, you can also use various herbs and branches as witch repellent, like juniper, mugwort, blackthorn, or a wreath made of dog rose and nettles. You hang them in windows and doors. Some of them can be worn on one's body. I wouldn't go for the nettles, though. Most people would wear these herbs in small pouches around the neck, Google and Wiki tell me the word in English is scapular, but I'm not quite sure. It is similar to Czech 'škapulíř', but when I search for pictures, only religious scapulars come up, as opposed to pouches for storing amulets and talismans that originate in pre-christian traditions.

Rosamunda thinks this is funny. She could do some neat magic with all those things, she doesn't feel the least bit repelled.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Alliecat - 04-26-2020

They sound fun and interesting. “Scapula” is a shoulder blade, but you wouldn’t wear it around on your back, would you? Unless it’s to keep things from sneaking up behind you… (Edit for quick Google… I did not know what a religious scapular was. So I learned another word from you!)
Anyway, cool books. And Frankie looks so happy; great posing! I hope everyone over there stays safe in the great shuffle of population that will come as restrictions are lifted. Sadly, I think there will be a second wave. Our provincial parks were opened yesterday, and I think your household is allowed to consort with one other household, so Yay. I’m still kind of hoping the summer people stay away… The train wreck across the border is worrisome.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 04-26-2020

Oh, this is all fantastic!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 04-26-2020

Rosamunda is a beguiling figure!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 04-26-2020

What a fascinating thing to have, it would be fun to read about things that people believe would help in their lives.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Elfy - 04-26-2020

That’s wonderfully spooky.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 04-26-2020

Thank you very much, everyone!!!

Day 117

I hope you're having an out-of-this-world Alien Day!

[Image: d7a3188547b549c0fd2d30b3eeb28f19.jpg]

[Image: 9bbae6e0028822e8fe2066d4c29adbb4.jpg]

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - Lejays17 - 04-26-2020

OOh, the "over-ex'posed" x-ray photo is totally out of this world! I love it!!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - werepuppy - 04-26-2020

The over-ex.posed photo is so alien, it's amazingly perfect for today!

I love the blue of her skin tone - I really wish there were more fantasy coloured doll lines out there. That weren't too overpriced.

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - dargosmydaddy - 04-27-2020


RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - davidd - 04-27-2020

The x-ray pic is SO COOOOOL!!!!!!

Needs more exclamation marks: !!!!!!!

RE: Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020) - neon_jellyfish - 04-27-2020

Thank you very much, guys!

Day 118

There's always room for more redheads in my collection.

[Image: ac9a2a553ac8cbaf50cbfe56e44cf36d.jpg]

I originally didn't get the signature versions of O'Hair twins because I don't really like their outfits. I decided to collect some separate releases of both characters and hoped that Mattel would eventually release another 2pack which I'd like better than the first one. But then, the two versions of Poppy I wanted never made it to Czech Republic (Dragon Games and Fairest on Ice), and then the whole line died, the line with ginger twins, and I didn't have them! Grrrh! But! I did start sewing, albeit with questionable results for now, so the signature outfits are no longer a problem. So I bit the bullet and got the first 2pack (not sure if they're the Core Royals & Rebels 2pack from 2014, or the First Chapter rerelease from 2015, they came without box, but the dolls were the same (and still included rings), just the boxes were different). They arrived today!