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NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - KiraKira - 03-20-2020

Alright people, I f**cked up by forgetting to include an entry.  Sorry about that.  I'm actually still having to report to work but am quite concerned about this pandemic, and my mental health is not great at this time.  My apologies.

I'm gonna have to ask you guys to look at all of the entries again and vote again.  The voting deadline has also been extended to MARCH 24.

You are currently reading the voting thread for Round 76. The theme for this round, as chosen by Alliecat, Round 75 winner, was GREEN Please cast your vote for your favorite photo from the following three photo entries, displayed in random order.  Voting closes on March 21 March 24. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period chooses the theme for Round 77.

"But you asked for a green jumper!" by Lejays17

[Image: 21cb9e27b0c375b4121a347aed79aa25.jpg]

Attack of the Frog by dargosmydaddy

[Image: 49662683333_eb35f47e66_z.jpg]

Insert Green Pun Here by s1dthesqu1d

[Image: 49651965768_52deb22be7_z.jpg]

Modern Day Mermaid  by DeadlyNova
[Image: 49662966532_e85ebde6ca_z.jpg]

Cathedral Grove, BC by Alliecat
[Image: 49662996641_09c2c16305_z.jpg]

Green Thumb by Elfy
[Image: ac44c1119939b9b40d4a7b58f598b621.jpg]

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - KiraKira - 03-20-2020

OK! Voting is open. New deadline is 3/25

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - davidd - 03-20-2020

I understand the mental health thing; a relative still living in Hawaii, who was calm as a cucumber a few days ago because he has a stable, well-paying job, sent us a photo of the mile-long line that had gathered at Costco today an hour before they opened. His calm, cool demeanor is visibly cracking. And apparently the Hawaii government has the National Guard on standby to enforce mandatory quarantine orders. Martial Law in Hawaii!

And they call it the Land of Aloha.

Hang in there. Enjoy your time as best you can in a silent, deserted library (sounds like a fine place to shelter in place, actually).

And thank you for taking the time out from all of this to keep the Dolly Market photo contests going! It is a tiny slice of normalcy amid the madness.

The photos are all quite excellent this time around. And look, there are six of them! Good turn-out! Making a choice will be challenging. Nice work, everybody!

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - Elfy - 03-20-2020

Good participation rate this time. Long may it continue!

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - KiraKira - 04-02-2020

Congratulations, Dargosmydaddy!

Please think of the next theme & shoot me a PM. smile

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - Alliecat - 04-02-2020

Congratulations, dargosmydaddy smile
Great to see so many entries too.

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - Lejays17 - 04-02-2020

Congrats! It was a close one this round, great too that so many entries were received.

RE: NEW Round 76 Voting Thread - davidd - 04-02-2020

Congratulations, DGMD!

Excellent photos all around!