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Catwoman joins the crew (New Oct. 20) - Alliecat - 09-23-2020

Photodump comin'...

While the wind is howling with the edge of the hurricane that is heading up the east coast (not coming right over us), I'm sorting photos.  Maybe won't get any more outdoor ones for a couple of days, so here are the first pix of the new girl!

Introducing... Catalina.
I never claim to be original with doll names.  I wonder how many Catwoman dolls have names with "Cat" in them.  Well, anyway, I thought it would suit her and when she arrived we discussed it LOL  She agreed to the fancy name if she could also have "Kitty" for a nickname.  (And I already have a Catherine.)  I've never changed anybody's name after they got it, so this will probably be it...

I saw a re-wigged one at PUDDLE 2018 and she'd been on my wish list since, but I really never ex-pected to find her at a price I was willing to pay!  Then, there she was, wow, but the seller didn't want to ship to Canada.  So I ended up splitting with someone in the States who wanted the other doll of the pair.  She was NIB but the split partner took the time to debox her so she could travel a little cheaper, and even undressed her to fit in the smaller box because she doesn't bend in her stock outfit!

I've never seen a Batman movie in my life -- just no interest.  When I bought her I thought I ought to maybe learn something about the character.  But several paragraphs into the long Wikipedia page, I bogged down completely & realized I just don't care LOL 

She is my first mocha girl, and her looks are unique.  This is one gorgeous doll.  Her outfit though, is one of the things that makes me SMH about Groove's choice of materials & QC.  The belt loops came loose right out of the box, there's a little split in a knee seam after only a few bends, and the whole thing is so thin and cheap-feeling that I don't think it will last long.  Too bad, cos she does look nice in it.

[Image: 50374185527_f4df3c742d_z.jpg]

[Image: 50374021236_fc154830dd_o.jpg]

[Image: 50374185587_b94d388dde_o.jpg]
Just not even gonna try putting her hood on & messing up her hair (which seems to have "product" in one spot on top), but the goggles are kinda fun.

[Image: 50374184722_c34177e5cb_z.jpg]

[Image: 50374184907_4e9010f996_o.jpg]
Lookit this gorgeous girl in full sun and not bleachy!  grin

[Image: 50373320988_0b5a32a998_z.jpg]

[Image: 50373321033_591caa30e8_o.jpg]
As requested, the official welcome.

[Image: 50374021201_4e4764ed3a_z.jpg]
Wardrobe department visit!

[Image: 50374021441_5415cef11f_o.jpg]
"I think this is my colour."

[Image: 50374021696_d706293b4f_z.jpg]
Yep, she's a supermodel...

[Image: 50373321128_fa27fd180a_o.jpg]

[Image: 50374021571_1c5f7272e2_z.jpg]

[Image: 50374185362_6d01b97134_o.jpg]
A quickie trip to the back woodlot.

[Image: 50374185407_9ebb7fb45d_o.jpg]
I think she'll be a bit of an ex-plorer...

[Image: 50374021981_3b82e592bd_z.jpg]

[Image: 50373321358_96d3373991_o.jpg]
Adventures are out there!

I have some more photo ideas... stay tuned.  And thanks for looking smile

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - davidd - 09-23-2020

Oh my! Catalina (I love that name, for what little that's worth) is absolutely gorgeous! And she's gorgeous in every outfit in which you have dressed her!

She's quite impressively glamorous in the blue outfit, and as you well know I have a strong affinity for figs in "ex-plorer garb." Too bad about the quality of her original black catsuit, because she looks spectacularly slinky as a master criminal!

Congratulations on a beautiful and versatile addition to your crew!

Those forest pics are quite wonderful. The colors are rich and the textures are captured and conveyed so well as to be almost tactile.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - Elfy - 09-23-2020

She is stunning, Allie. I think she’ll fit in very well with your crew. Her name is so fitting, a little bit exotic and just hinting at adventure.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - neon_jellyfish - 09-23-2020

What a babe! Congrats on new gorgeous arrival!

I can see her being a tough and brave ex!plorer, but when she attends a gala opening of exhibition featuring artifacts she recovered during her adventures, she's the most glamorous and sophisticated lady of all.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - werepuppy - 09-23-2020

Catalina looks utterly stunning - the blue outfit is exactly her colour, you are right! It is a shame about the outfit, though I'm now wondering if it would be possible to knock up a version of the purple costume in Pullip size...

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - Lejays17 - 09-23-2020

She’s gorgeous. I didn’t realise that she was a mocha colour, and she looks great in all the outfits. I really love the glamour of the blue/green dress.

And great that she has an official welcome photo too.

Stay safe in the upcoming weather.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - dargosmydaddy - 09-24-2020

Catalina is the perfect name smile She looks stunning in the blue dress!

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - Alliecat - 10-03-2020

Thank you everybody!! Kitty is very flattered and also happy you like her name grin
You jump right into it when you arrive at PTFCo, so she's already had her first contest shoot for a thing over at Omocha Crush.

[Image: 50408896128_45431b8892_z.jpg]

[Image: 50408896008_695db5b891_z.jpg]

Should have done a behind-the scenes shot; camera upside down under tripod, computer in the hallway, shot in the dark with a flashlight for lighting LOL

(09-23-2020, 07:37 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: I can see her being a tough and brave ex!plorer, but when she attends a gala opening of exhibition featuring artifacts she recovered during her adventures, she's the most glamorous and sophisticated lady of all.
Ooh, this sounds like a great character for her! Of course Sunsette & crew would be helping her find nautical artifacts, and we have a couple of mermaids to recover them...

Gloomy weather & the funk it has created havent been conducive to more pictures yet, but there are still a couple of shots I want to do, and try a couple more outfits on her.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - Elfy - 10-03-2020

In her lair, working in her gadgets is the feel here.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - davidd - 10-03-2020

Breaking in to the Bat Cave is what I see happening here!

Catwoman aka Catalina photographs very well!

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - neon_jellyfish - 10-03-2020

OK, these are way too cool!!!

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - werepuppy - 10-03-2020

This is a very high spy fiction feel.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - Alliecat - 10-12-2020

Thanks, guys...   This is why you should never throw anything away....  This dead computer has been in the cellar for too long due to laziness finding somewhere to recycle it.  I had another shoot in mind for it that I still haven't done.
Also still haven't done one more setup for Catalina but here she is with some more photospam from the beach last week.

[Image: 50455153308_55effc5db8_z.jpg]
I mean, LOOKIT THIS GIRL in FULL SUN and not bleachy!  What a treat she is to photograph in bright light...

[Image: 50455150753_0e6bca4b81_z.jpg]
She could probably do 'vintage pinup girl' quite well.

[Image: 50456019882_fb422042dc_z.jpg]

[Image: 50456020167_001ff64776_z.jpg]

[Image: 50456020637_e6f86eb15b_z.jpg]

[Image: 50455859501_2516b420e4_z.jpg]

[Image: 50456021807_c6f69f28b6_z.jpg]

[Image: 50456022557_8fb7002668_z.jpg]
The only one I had to photoshop-cheat on with the chopstick prop, due to the angle.

[Image: 50455859421_33c6fe2909_z.jpg]
"Oh.  Hello there."

[Image: 50455861076_bc5e4b1fd3_z.jpg]
She's just so cute and cheerful.

Thanks for looking!  grin

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - Elfy - 10-12-2020

As I said in the other thread, it doesn’t matter what setting you photograph her in, she makes it work.

RE: Catwoman joins the crew - werepuppy - 10-12-2020

Ahh, I have to agree - she makes everything work for her.