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DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - DeadlyNova - 01-04-2022

WE ARE TRYING THIS ONE MORE TIME.....Because I can't learn a lesson apparently! 

Oh well, however many time's I've tried and failed to do this is the charm!!! 

I want to be able to finish at least ONE of these so badly. But my commitment issues are such a problem. Oh well, we will try again, for as long as I'm able. 

Starting 3 days late, but not as late as I could be, because I forgot this was a thing until yesterday. 

Day 1:
For day one I wanted to show the custom I finished on the first day of the year! My custom Taeyang of Shino from Naruto! More pictures of him as well as a picture of the character he is based on in his thread here.
[Image: 51796459602_7d82c74493.jpg]ADAD 2022 1/365: Shino Aburame by Haley, on Flickr

Day 2: 1994 Kool-Aid Barbie
[Image: 51797405976_a804205609.jpg]ADAD 2022 2/365: 1994 Kool-Aid Barbie by Haley, on Flickr
Isn't she funky? I love her color scheme so much. Some bright colors for you on this dreary winter's day. 

Day 3: Little Miss No Name
[Image: 51797406411_0cb82cb7bf.jpg]ADAD 2022 3/365: 1965 Little Miss No Name by Haley, on Flickr
A classic, and probably my most expensive non Pullip or BJD doll in my collection. Super happy to have her. 

Here's to hopefully better luck this year, and thanks for looking!

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - dargosmydaddy - 01-04-2022

Love Shino's hair.

Kool-aid Barbie definitely captures the 90s color scheme.

Little Miss No Name is the creepiest-cool doll I've seen in awhile! <3

You're off to a great start!

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Elfy - 01-04-2022

Getting a very cool ninja/spy vibe from Shino. Welcome (back) to ADAD. Good luck. We have davidd as our veteran ADAD’er, and Lejays has successfully completed it, too. So there are people to discuss it with.

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - davidd - 01-04-2022

A doll a DAY???? YAYYYY!!!!!

It's okay to play catch-up once in a while. Getting through every day can definitely be a challenge. Some days you'll have to settle for "barely counts as a photo" photos, but just keep plugging along.

You're off to a strong start! Love the COLOR COLOR COLOR of that Barbie!!!!!


RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - DeadlyNova - 01-04-2022

Thank you so much guys!!!

@Elfy: That's great that you get that vibe, because he is, in fact, a ninja. xD

Yeah, I've been trying to do it for years, even longer than some of the veterans here, I think I may have inspired some of them to start a few years ago, LOL.

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Alliecat - 01-04-2022

Really!?? YAY! There aren’t many of us to keep the lights on here at DM these days, so it would be lovely to have one more person here regularly. ADAD is ambitious! I wish you lots of luck and hope you can stay with it. Also, you can still do one a week if daily gets to be too much.
And like David said, you can do quickie snapshots in a pinch. Most of all, have fun with it!

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Lejays17 - 01-04-2022

Great start - your 90s barbie is so neon bright, she’s brilliant.

Do the best you can with the daily shots - if you fall behind just post a bunch at once to catch up. I thunk we’ve all done that at some stage!
And if the daily gets too hard, swap to the weekly.

Most of all, have fun with it!

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - DeadlyNova - 01-05-2022

Thank you guys so much!!

I definitely wanna do some more dynamic and interesting shots this year instead of just 'close up photo of doll or figure each day', but I don't have time for that today because I'm in a hurry and had to rush to get this, so have this instead!

And yes, as with in my previous attempts at ADAD, I'm counting anime figures.

Here's 4/365, Wonderland Little Red Riding Hood Miku:
[Image: 51799810328_3c616f07a7.jpg]ADAD 4/365: Red Riding Hood Miku by Haley, on Flickr

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - davidd - 01-05-2022

YAY for Day 4! And YAY for outdoor pictures! And YAY for a colorful, fun figure!

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Elfy - 01-05-2022

Anime absolutely count. As do figurines, etc. basically anything that you can define as a doll. I do like Red’s shocked expression here.

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Alliecat - 01-05-2022

Sure, count any figures. Heck, I even count plushies once in a while cos I call mine a PIC a week, not a DOLL a week wink

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - DeadlyNova - 01-06-2022

Thank you guys!!

Haha, I won't be including plushies, but there will be plenty of variety here!

I say, before posting my second Taeyang in a week. xD

Here is day 5/365, my Koichi, Leo.

First photo is technically the ADAD one, but he had a little mini shoot so I'll post them all!
[Image: 51802131468_e54550e6f9.jpg]ADAD 5/365: Leo by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 51801061382_28365a2feb.jpg]Leo by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 51802371494_b194199d7b.jpg]Leo by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 51802005596_2420d4b710.jpg]Leo by Haley, on Flickr

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Lejays17 - 01-06-2022

He’s adorable, love the angles of the extra shots you’ve taken

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - davidd - 01-06-2022

Great series of photos! Dig those sexy ex-pressions!

RE: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022 - Alliecat - 01-06-2022

It is often hard to take just one, isn’t it!