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Squid Girl (AZONE Pure Neemo/OBITSU 26) - tasuke - 01-14-2022

AZONE Pure Neemo character doll of the main character from the late-2000's Manga, and early-2010's Anime, "Shinryaku! Ika Musume"/"The Squid Girl" a most unusually charming Anime series, and a must-see!!

i've ported her over to the OBITSU 26 (MEDIUM Bust, NATURAL Skintone) which is not only far more aesthetically pleasing overall, -YMMV- but a far and away better proportional match to her rather bulbous head. my old 1999 VOLKS UFS Ah! My Goddess "Skuld" models the original AZONE Pure Neemo body for contrast.

i'm working on attempting to alter her original outfit to better fit the much larger OBITSU body. we'll see what i can manage to work out from that...

[Image: 81UtTr-WfFL._SL1280_.jpg?width=1920&]

[Image: 81YZh9IOD6L._SL1280_.jpg?width=1920&]

[Image: Squid_Girl_11-24-22_RESIZE_30.jpg?]

[Image: Squid_Girl_3-14-22_2_RESIZE_40.jpg?]

[Image: Squid_Girl_Pure_Neemo_12-21-21_(2).jpg?]

[Image: Squid_Girl_Pure_Neemo_12-21-21_(1).jpg?]


[Image: il_794xN.1985026211_s8pu.jpg?width=1920&]


RE: Squid Girl (AZONE Pure Neemo/OBITSU 26) - tasuke - 01-15-2022

TBH, i found that "Squiddie" 's rather cartoonishly "flat" Faceup somehow bothered me,
particularly when contrasted beside my other girls, and their generally Anime-stylized, yet semi-realistically-nuanced facial appearances.

that in mind, i bit the bullet and attempted to suggest some "depth" to her face;


[Image: Squid_Girl_new_faceup_1-14-22_CL_1.jpg?]

[Image: Squid_Girl_new_faceup_1-16-22_2.jpg?]


RE: Squid Girl (AZONE Pure Neemo/OBITSU 26) - tasuke - 03-15-2022

[Image: Squid_Girl_3-14-22_2_RESIZE_40.jpg?]

RE: Squid Girl (AZONE Pure Neemo/OBITSU 26) - davidd - 03-16-2022

Your effort at “applying makeup” worked out very nicely. Squidetta looks adorable bouncing on her custom crafted bedding!

RE: Squid Girl (AZONE Pure Neemo/OBITSU 26) - tasuke - 11-13-2022

[Image: Squid_Girl_11-24-22_RESIZE_30.jpg?]