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My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - tasuke - 10-24-2023

[Image: 10731451a6.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]

[Image: 10690526a7.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]

Miku Hatsune and Red Riding Hood; "Rose" my two GOOD SMILE Nendo Dolls to date.

i've had them for two or three years now, and never quite satisfied with their stock bodies,
i finally got around to finding my answer in the YuMeng YMY 11cm. Doll Body;

[Image: sg-11134201-23020-ceymnnq5pvnv71.jpg?]


i had ordered two of the 2nd Gen. bodies... and received one each of the 2nd and 1st.

i'll have to see about getting another 2nd. Gen.
in the meantime, Miku gets the 1st and Rose the 2nd, as shown above.

All in all; they're just so Adorable♥ now... Just Perfect~


RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - tasuke - 10-24-2023

the Stock NENDOROID Body for Contrast;

[Image: Nendoroid_Riding_Hood_Rose-10.jpg?]

the YuMeng YMY 11 2nd Gen.


RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - davidd - 10-25-2023

I agree, the replacement body, the YuMeng, seems to better suit the characters.

RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - fishy - 10-28-2023

Oh, they're so CUTE! Especially the Little Red Riding Hood and her cute little dress. smile

RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - tasuke - 11-17-2023

Second Time Around is certainly the Charm with Nendo Rose and her YMY aftermarket body!!

this second example, - from a different seller - actually matches her skintone...
and, in hand, is of noticeably higher quality as well.

Shoot; now i'm going to have to order up a couple more just like this one; one for
Miku... and another, for the Nendo Chobits Chii i have on the way that i intend to convert into a Nendo Doll~

[Image: Rose_-_YMY_Body_11-16-23.png?width=1920&]

RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - davidd - 11-17-2023

The ex-pensive Body Domino Effect game! In the first place, it is challenging to find a body upgrade that works for size, articulation, quality, and color. Then, it seems, we find a body, we spend the money, and then something better comes along and aaaarrrrgggghhh! We have to do it all over again!

Sounds like this latest find, though, is perfect for what you need!

But... what'cha gonna do with those shoe boxes full of little plastic headless corpses you have stashed under the bed?   LOL

RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - tasuke - 11-20-2023

sit on them or Donate them or something... as these current YMYs are effectively Perfect, YMMV...

RE: My NENDOROID Dolls♥ - tasuke - 12-01-2023

NENDOROID Chobits "Chii" with YMY 11cm. Body;

[Image: Nendo_Chii_11-29-23.png?width=1920&]

[Image: Chi_-_Nendoroid_2053_15.jpg?width=1920&]

[Image: sg-11134201-23020-ceymnnq5pvnv71.jpg?]