Dante - New Eyechips 26/03/10
I finally got new eyechips for Dante! This is the first time I've tried to mod eyes and it was a little daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it, looking back it doesn't seem so bad. XD I hope you like her new look!

By the way, the chips were were custom flats, modified for me by Zienkyer. :3

[Image: S6301851.jpg]

[Image: S6301855.jpg]

[Image: S6301845.jpg]

Old photoshoots:

[Image: th_S6301469.jpg] [Image: th_S6301356.jpg] [Image: th_S6301337.jpg] [Image: th_S6301321.jpg] [Image: th_S6301294.jpg] [Image: th_S6301220.jpg] [Image: th_S6301204.jpg] [Image: th_S6301192.jpg] [Image: th_S6301137.jpg] [Image: th_S6301087.jpg] [Image: th_S6300949.jpg] [Image: th_S6301069.jpg] [Image: th_S6301044.jpg] [Image: th_S6300979.jpg] [Image: th_S6300994.jpg] [Image: th_S6300922.jpg]
Very pretty! Congrats! Cute idea to use an MLP BABY necklace as a belt!
^-^ Thank you! I basically looked at all the MLP and Barbie things I owned and worked out what I could fashion as an outfit until some of the other things arrive (I did get her stock retro dress with her but it's a little too short to go with the jacket)! XD

I have some MLP bakery accessories (the little cookie cutters and things) so one day we'll use those in a photoshoot as well. :3

P.s I love your baby cotton candy! <3 I don't think I have her yet.
That's a fun idea! And thank you! I love my Baby CC! He's my favorite childhood pony and nothing in the world could take his place. He has his own little room right by my bed.
Awww, that's sweet. x3 <3 I think all the baby ponies are just so dang cute.
She's soooo totally cute!
yay Thank you! I love her face-up, and I think her wig is perfect! If only it would stay glued on. XD;;
Congratulations on getting your first Pullip! She is very cute!
Thank you. ^^ I adore her very much. <3
She is so cute! I love your pics as well!
^^ Thank you!
She is lovely and her new accessories are really nice smile I as wondering how the re-ment stationary was size-wise for them so this was useful to see. Should be fine for my Dal's!
Ahh I'm glad I was helpful! XD And thank you. ^^

I recommend the re-ment stationary stuff, it's totally cute! I managed to find someone on ebay selling a few in the UK, saved a lot on postage that way! :3 Not sure how often it will come up though. sad
Yeah it doesn't come up on ebay much. I have some other re-ment but I had to order it from overseas. I got it on etsy though so the shipping wasn't too bad on there. I have a discount code for the place I got it from too so I shall have a look and see if they have any stationary ones smile
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Ooh good luck! ^^d

Would you mind PMing me the link to the shop you used? :3 I'm always looking for decent shipping prices on items! It can be so expensive sometimes it makes things unaffordable. D:

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